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They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky. They're all together ooky, and now, The Addams Family is almost 25 years old!

I'm strictly speaking of the movie interpretation, of course, since The Addams Family is a full-fledged American phenomenon that has infiltrated nearly every form of media. The macabre family simply speaks to us, so much that I wouldn't be surprised if Netflix creates a new grittier version for a new audience.

For those of us who were lucky enough to experience the Addams' comically contrary take on death, here's what the cast looks like today!

Gomez Addams - Raúl Juliá

Gomez Adams was the dramatic and seductive lothario with a passion for the dark side, and no one has ever played him with the kind of vigor that Raúl Juliá achieved. Tragically, he died in 1994, only one year after the sequel Addams Family Values was filmed. During his illness, he continued filming The Burning Season despite his poor health and earned a posthumous Golden Globe and Emmy Award for the performance.

Morticia Addams - Anjelica Huston

The most tantalizing and moribund woman to ever grace the silver screen, Morticia Addams always had a soft glow over around her eyes that may just be an effect of Anjelica Huston's flawless presence. Huston went on to be a Hollywood power player throughout the nineties, appearing in And the Band Played On, Manhattan Murder Mystery, and Ever After. She then became one of Wes Anderson's muses, starring in The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and The Darjeeling Limited. Most recently, she's been lending her voice to Disney's Tinker Bell movies like as Queen Clarion.

Uncle Fester - Christopher Lloyd

Uncle Fester may have always looked close to death, but he turned out to be the spryest guy around when he was finally reunited with his family. He's not unlike Christopher Lloyd, who has remained a consistent presence in Hollywood since 1991. After The Addams Family, he starred in some of my childhood favorites including Angels in the Outfield, The Pagemaster, and Anastasia. More recently, he's starred in [Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For](movie:1374), AND and next we can see him in the thriller 88.

Wednesday Addams - Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci has the kind of career trajectory most kid actors would kill for: child star to teen idol to respected adult actress. Following her breakout role in The Addams Family, she went on to do a couple of a films I still can't help but watch if they're on TV: Now & Then and Casper. Ricci went on to appear in major indies like The Opposite of Sex, Black Snake Moan, and Monster. Nowadays, she's starring as American killer Lizzie Borden in Lifetime's miniseries Lizzie Borden: The Fall River Chronicles.

Pugsley Addams - Jimmy Workman

Jimmy Workman got the role of Pugsley after one of those fateful stories you hear about all the time and lead you to wonder why it never happened to you. He accomponied his sister to her audition for Wednesday, and casting directors saw him playing and ended up casting him.

Since The Addams Family, Workman had small roles in As Good as It Gets and Life with Louie but ultimately retired from acting to work behind the scenes. Most recently, he's been in the news for seeking custody of his sister Ariel Winter, who stars as Alex in [Modern Family](series:201500). Whoever knew Pugsley and the middle Dunphy child were related in real life gets major kudos because that is some unexpected celebrity trivia.

Grandmama - Judith Malina

Following The Addams Family, Judith Malina was replaced by Carol Kane for the sequel Addams Family Values. Grandmama was by far her biggest Hollywood role, but she's had some bit parts in shows like ER and The Sopranos. Malina is still kicking at the age of 88, and she's considered an off-broadway legend and a major political activist. There's even a documentary about her called Love & Politics that follows her relationship with Julian Beck and her anararchist protests. Granny would be pleased!

Lurch - Carel Struycken

The soft-spoken but attentive Butler was a constant presence in the Addams house despite consistently being stuck with projectiles. It's no surprise that Struycken landed the role—the Dutch actor is 7 feet tall! He's gotten many bit roles since The Addams Family including the alien Arquillian in Men in Black. Most recently, he appeared on an episode of [The Blacklist](series:891587).

What do you think of The Addams Family cast then and now?


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