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Since being in the media spotlight, Kim Kardashian has been loved and hated in equal measure. Infamous socialite, scandalous porn star, reality TV personality, successful model and forward-thinking fashion designer, it seems that the Hollywood starlet has her fingers in all the pies when it comes to the entertainment business.

Yet, how much do you think goes into the upkeep of one of the most recognizable faces on the planet?

As one of the highest-paid reality TV stars on the planet, maintaining that glossy hair, those power brows, gravity-defying eyelashes and flawless complexion is not as easy as it seems. Yet, thankfully, the make-up aficionado enjoys wiling away the hours in the name of personal upkeep. Speaking of her beauty routine, she says:

"I have so many friends who don’t wear makeup and hardly ever do their hair [...] I feel really blessed because I genuinely love the process of getting my hair and makeup done."

Yet, what exactly is this process?

Thankfully, Kimmy K has welcomed us deep into her make-up territory and has revealed what she applies onto her face on the regular to get her selfie-ready. And you'll be glad to hear that none of this includes products infused with dung, elephant piss or the skulls of baby ants.

Check out her enormous list of products that are just part of her facial routine:

  • Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes ($1.83)
  • By Terry Pureté de Rose Refreshing Cleansing Gel ($52)
  • Guerlain Orchidée Impériale The Rich Cream ($455)
  • NaturaBissē C+C Vitamin Cream ($115)
  • Shakti Resculpting Body Cream ($155)
  • Epicuren Bulgarian Rose Otto ($42.95)
  • La Mer's The Broad Spectrum SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid ($85)
  • Dr. Harold Lancer Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30 ($48)
  • Quasar MD Plus (LED light therapy) ($795)
  • MAC 182 Buffer Brush ($53)
  • Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($62)
  • Joe Blasco Ultrabase Foundation (19.50)
  • Kardashian Beauty Endless Summer Matte Bronzer ($14.99)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit ($40)
  • Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara ($27.50)
  • Individualist Lashes ($10.98)

The whole process and kit comes in at a hefty $1,977.75 (and that's just for the products Kim mentions!) To put it into perspective, that's around the same monthly price that people would pay for studio apartment in New York.

The highest costing item, the Guerlain Orchidée Impériale The Rich Cream, is the holy grail to achieving the promise of satin silky skin. Yet, is spending $455 on a 1.7 ounce bottle just silly? Perhaps, especially when you're just going to go and jeopardize that flawless complexion anyway by falling asleep with your make up on:

However, despite the high-range products on the list, it's also comforting that Kim is just like everyone else when it comes to certain items. For one, she uses Neutrogena make-up wipes (I do too!) which are under $2.50 a pack and a Joe Blasco foundation that she's used since she was 14 years-old.

In her interview with Into The Gloss, she also shed light on her very normal hair routine, touching on the every woman's dilemma of how often to wash it and what to do with it to keep it looking decent in-between washes:

"For my hair, I don't wash it every day. We start out with a blowout on day one, then we go into a messier vibe the next day, and then we flat iron it and do a really sleek look on day three since that requires a little oil in the hair. Day four could be a slicked-back ponytail, and on the fifth day is when you wash it."

Very economical indeed and certainly saves on the water! Good on you Kim!


Do you prefer a low maintenance look or do you like to splurge on your face?



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