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sorry i don't know if the info i used in this article might be entirely true!

marvel has not yet killed some of the characters we love like captain america/steve rogers.could captain america die in civil war?in my opinion he will, i am not saying surely.i love captain america is a man, a MAN!in civil war leads to caps death.every comic lover knows that.i am saying this because just in past years xmen DOFP revived a lot of characters through time travel and all that other stuff we didn't undrstnd like how did magneto get his powers back and how is prof.x even ALIVE.i know there must be a reason but still people(some or many,i live in India).do not know the stuff.see the following vid to understand what i am writing about

i don't know completely what ragnorok is but it can revive a few characters


tony stark might just make a clone of cap as he did to thor in the comics


he might be replaced by bucky or only has a slight chance.


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