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TruTV dedicates its catalog of shows strictly to reality television. And boy do they have some good shows with some hilarious and awesome premises. One of those is extremely well-named. It's called Impractical Jokers, and if you haven't seen it, it essentially involves real-life best friends and comedians who dare eachother, often through a hidden microphone, to do ridiculous things that are caught on hidden camera.

It has it's fair share of cringeworthy moments, but mostly it's just pure comedic gold. You need to check out these ten hilarious moments from the show, which debuted in 2011 and is still running on TruTV:

10. Shoe Store Madness

This is pretty much just straight up outrageous. When he smelled his foot, I almost died. And the "what happens in the back of the shoe store stays in the back of the shoe store" line was actually received KIND OF WELL! These dudes have too much fun with these!

9. Butterfly Crime Scene made-up song

So, one of the comedians, Sal, has to improvise an entire song with the weirdest topic ever - it's called "Butterfly Crime Scene" and the crowd is NOT feeling it. That would be so brutal, but he was pretty game! "What could be better than a dead butterfly?" he croons as the crowd starts turning on him and booing. Hilarious!

8. Grand Theft Shopping Cart

As the title suggests, this involves stealing groceries from other customers in a grocery store. This is extra hilarious to me, simply due to the fact that when I shop, I have this irrational fear the people might take my cart. These guys made that a reality and its truly hilarious!

7. Remote-controlled mobile chair

So, this premise is simple. One of the guys is in the chair, but he has to do and say whatever the others come up with... annnnnd while it appears like he's in control of his mobile chair it's actually being controlled by the off-screen crew. Hilarity ensues.

6. Weird stealth-mode security guard antics

I'm not even sure what inspired this one, but it's pretty hilarious. The woman reacts so sourly to what she could probably never guess was actually her 15 seconds of fame. I wonder what it's like when they have them sign the release forms after and tell them it's just a hilarious prank show. Or do they even tell them? I would like to think they just go on with their day and see it later on TruTV but that probably isn't the case.

5. Girly whisper fight

This one is too good. And even when he slips up and says "don't talk to me like that in front of the student.. I mean the customer", he does a good enough job of keeping it going that it doesn't even affect the bit. This nice old man just wants his sandwich, but no. Also, "you got the scrilla" had me DYING!

4. Challenge: Sitting at a stranger's table

This is epic. Sal somehow manages to hijack this ladies night and convinces these unsuspecting women not to kick him out of their dinner. He eats the pizza, orders a glass of wine, and generally comes off as a smooth dude here. And it works! Wild. This goes to show, a little bit of confidence can get you a dinner date with beautiful ladies, HA!

3. This bouncer at a club bit is wi-yuld

Earlier, I mentioned that this show can get pretty cringeworthy and this is what I was talking about. In this case, there's like an entire audience of people witnessing the antics... only upping the ante. "We need more sausage up in here... it's a taco party in there" is hilarious and so ridiculous!

2. Extremely ridiculous Ikea antics

I love this one. Murr totally kills it, and this goes to show a couple things. First, it's awesome that they can get these big name brands to hop on the bandwagon and let them do this. Secondly, these guys are SUPER talented. They really go all out to make it as awkward and funny as possible.

1. Nightmare Dentist Appointment

The dentist is always scary in REAL life, but this isn't real life. These are comedians and they still are laughing their asses off. Nobody can even keep it together. This takes the cake, for me, as their craziest bit. Great work.


'Impractical Jokers' comes on Thursdays at 10/9C. Check it out!


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