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NH 10 starring Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam is an upcoming Hindi movie, which I believe will be a thriller revenge film.

Story: The trailer gives a layout of what the film is gonna be: a young married couple going for a trip and somehow involving in the business of mafia in a lawless land.

Prediction: The story may sound simple, but this film is a good attempt by the director to introduce new genres to the bollywood. Instead of the common revenge films, which include meaningless action sequences and superhero stunts by the leading characters, this film will give a horror-thriller experience to the viewers.

The camera angles are not so unique, but not bad.

But the music seems promising.

Most of the film is going to be in the night. The background music and the scenes in the night gives the film a dark touch (majority of the hollywood movies are a lot darker in the movie age), making the film a true horror-thriller film.

The bold language and the gore scenes definitely make this an A-rated movie.

Anushka Sharma seems to have given her full in playing her roll.

Now the only thing I am uncertain is the screenplay of the film. How is he gonna depict the gore scenes, is he going to dump all those at once or is he gonna give glimpses of the past and the on going scenes?

Overall: A good horror-thriller film with apt background music, to give the viewers a thrilling experience in the film.


How do you think the movie will be?


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