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I love Honest Trailers. Sure, they can send me into a rage when they poke fun at my favourite movies, but they're always too hysterical that you can't help but be amazed at them. When they made the transition to Honest Game Trailers with Smosh Games as well, I was watching all they had to offer in a heartbeat. Now, we've got a game trailer for one of the most critically acclaimed game franchises of all time- or the first in that series, at least!

You got it- Batman: Arkham Asylum!

Happy fans! (Arkham Origins photo here).
Happy fans! (Arkham Origins photo here).

So, what does the brutally honest trailer have to say? Well, the only really brutal part is the sound of Batman's fists smashing against thugs' heads- it seems the game managed to impress even Honest Trailers!

Sure, it may have taken 20 years or so...

(I dunno, I still have weirdly fond memories of Gotham City Racer on PS1! Shooting giant cakes and cards from villain cars was kinda fun.)

DC's dominating this field, while Marvel scrambles?

Reaping in those game preorders!
Reaping in those game preorders!

Hey, I didn't say it, he did! (But, really, despite Marvel's huge success at the movies, it seems they got a bit caught up there! Maybe with Marvel jumping on to catch up with the TV shows and the animation, we'll get an awesome Captain America game soon!)

But what makes these games so awesome?

Who doesn't love face kicking, and all that Bat stuff?

Seriously that knockout sound is never not awesome.
Seriously that knockout sound is never not awesome.

And all those gadgets never fail to amaze!

Shark Repellent Bat Spray coming soon.
Shark Repellent Bat Spray coming soon.

Not to mention Detective Vision...

You're not the World's Greatest Detective for nothing. Seriously, how can you not feel awesome using this every time (best part: condition jumps to terrified. Am I right?) But don't worry, if you'd prefer to be a villain, they have their own version too (and I don't mean Deathstroke's Tactical Vision)...

But what really makes these games so awesome?

Amazing, life like characters...

...mainly due to the amazing voice actors.

Yes, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, you will always be my favourite Batman and Joker! (Seriously, these guys just about make the games, as well as the rest of the cast- and Troy Baker in Origins. They're incredible).

The best villains out there- all together (like that? wait until you get a load of Arkham City!)

Just to name a few...

But, ultimately, we love this game because we just love...

Becoming the Batman.

Because becoming the ultimate superhero really just doesn't get much better. Now that's all said and done, you'll make those Justice League and Arrow games now, right Rocksteady?

Batman: Arkham Knight comes out June 2nd- don't miss it! You can still grab a Limited Edition now and get some awesome bonuses. It just got an M 17+ rating, purely for the darkness of the story, so if you're into the darker side of Batman's world- ie, everyone- that's great news for you! Here's the trailer.

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What do you think? Could the Batman: Arkham series be the next great Batman movies?


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