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It was a big week for geeks as The Avengers: Age of Ultron creeps closer Marvel studios has unveiled its Official Poster. What are your thoughts?

Also this week burning up the internet is the NSFW Deboot Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Film from Director . This dark gritty version of the kids series is getting lots of attention.

Check it out here:

In more amazing news, the GeekFest Film Festivals after a very successful event in Fort Lauderdale FL, is getting ready to launch its next event this weekend in Long Beach CA at the Long Beach Comic Expo.

Stay tuned for some big news, as the expansion of our traveling film fest continues to grow. We are currently calling for entries for YEAR 2, with bigger prizes, more comic-cons and a potential standalone GeekFest Film Fest in 2016 and all entrants are eligible for online distribution through Stan Lee's World of Heroes.

Enter your best science fiction, fantasy, horror, action, fan films and more NOW!

GeekFest Film Fests
GeekFest Film Fests

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