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This week Jason, Jenny, and Dave are joined in the AG Studio by a very special guest! Courtney James Clark joins the crew as the discuss her career, Jurassic World, her love of dancing, and cooking as well! Courtney does her best Sarah Silverman impression and is just an all around awesome person to speak with! (Apologies for the sound quality in Dave's microphone, he was forced to use a subpar mic this week!) As always, we wanna hear your opinions as well. Find us on Twitter: @AtomicGeekdom or comment on the podcast page of the website to join the conversation. Thanks for listening and please Rate/Review us on iTunes!

Twitter: @Courtjclark

Facebook: Courtney James Clark


Check out our podcast episode with our interview with Jurassic World actress Courtney James Clark! Episode 43: Cooking with Courtney James Clark Y'all!


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