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So if you have not heard by now, Rocksteady's third and final installment of their popular [Batman: Arkham Series](tag:2587400) will receive a Rated M rating. Unlike the previous two instalments of the franchise which received a somewhat child-friendly rating of rated T for teen. Also, possible spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

I know what you're thinking, ''Okay big deal. It's a super-hero game. How bad can it possibly get?" Trust me, I understand where you are coming from when thinking that. I for one, am shocked that it received the M rating, yet I understand it. Simply because Batman is a dark character, you have probably seen that from the Christopher Nolan films, but me being a comic fan, I know how dark the stories can truly get for Batman. That still doesn't explain the rating though right?

Wrong. The reason for this rating is the story. Most rated M games these days receive that Mature rating due to violent gameplay that usually involves the player character killing his or her enemies.

“We’re not including gratuitous blood or swearing,” - Rocksteady founder Sefton Hall

That came from the head of Rocksteady. So this means that Arkham Knight received its rating for taking the story a bit darker.


Batman vs The Arkham Knight
Batman vs The Arkham Knight

So what will happen in the story to put it in a Rated M spot?

Well nothing at all is confirmed yet, but if I had to take a guess I would say the person to blame is The Arkham Knight, an "original" character created by Rocksteady for the upcoming game.

I say its his fault, because it is currently speculated that The Arkham Knight is actually Jason Todd, The Red Hood.

Now, Jason Todd is the Robin that died by the hands of The Joker. One of the only Robins who Batman has failed to save in his time of need. Since coming back from the dead, he went a bit cucco and started using guns and other lethal equipment. He has even chopped off the heads of criminals.

Now, Rocksteady probably put a scene where the Arkham Knight chops off someones head. However, a Rated M rating where the player does not kill anyone is rare. So there has to be some really dark scene in it. And honestly, I can only think of the scene where Joker beats Jason Todd nearly to death with a crowbar. Which could be considered a torture scene which is a big no-no for a rated T for Teen game.

So what to take from this post? Arkham Knight is now Rated M, Jason Todd may be the Arkham Knight, and there will probably be violent and dark flashbacks. Don't be afraid to post a comment below about your thoughts!


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