ByStephen Spencer, writer at
Stephen Spencer

there are so many villains to bring into the batman movie universe, but some never get a chance on the big screen. there are a few villains i believe can fit into more then one batman movie later on, for example clay face, an actor tied into money problems with the mob then later using different persona's to get around, killer croc a mob boss genetically mutated with extreme sense of smell and great strength, man-bat, a creature persona created by dr erik langstrom, has all the senses of a bat, and amazing strength. villains that should return for a second or third chance, the riddler, jim carreys take on the riddler was funny, but this day in age, we need a serious person, like mathew gray gubler, he was good in the assualt on arkham movie, he'd be good in a live action. mr. freeze, an disturbed man trying to cure his wifes illness, a good man i believe could pull off this man is raulph fiennes, he did vary well as lord voldemort in the wildly grossing book series harry potter by jk rowling.


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