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With the recent Oscar win of BIG HERO 6 as Best Animated Feature, it seems for comic book superhero films to be taken seriously they just MIGHT have to switch gears from live-action (which I absolutely love) to CGI animation.

But BIG HERO 6 isn't the only animated superhero film to nab Oscar gold. 2004's THE INCREDIBLES also won Best Animated Feature.

So that's two movies, about superheroes, under the Mouse House roof, that have won cinema's big prize. [BIG HERO 6 and THE INCREDIBLES teamup film?! Anyone? Anyone?] That's pretty good in my book. So good you would think studio execs would take notice and hurriedly rush out email edicts like, "We need our own BIG HERO animated movie. Get cracking."

The Hollywood copycat success machine may just be churning. Especially when you consider that the ONLY Oscar awarded to a superhero film, other than technical awards which are nothing to turn noses up at, has been Best Supporting Actor for Heath Ledger's pivotal performance as the Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT.

I for one can see the allure of animated superhero feature films. No need to pay actors exorbitant amounts of money to sign/resign for mutilple films (looking at you RDJ) for what may about to maybe two weeks worth of voice work. None of the logistical and budgetary constraints. I could go on, and I won't because I want to get to the crux of the matter: go animated and potentially get Oscar nominated.

That being said, here are some properties that might be perfect (kid friendly and grown up accessible) for animation success:


X-Babies from Blue Sky Studios?
X-Babies from Blue Sky Studios?


Power Pack from Disney/Pixar & Marvel?
Power Pack from Disney/Pixar & Marvel?


Spider-Ham from Sony Pictures Animation?
Spider-Ham from Sony Pictures Animation?

Have fun!


Which animated feature film would you like to see?


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