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When i first came across the trailer for Big eyes, my first reaction was. " oh joy another Tim burton disaster movie" as for years now he lacks creativity to make anything good these days unless he has help from henry selick of course. I wasn't bothered about watching it, but i did just because why not. as it began i instantly loved it, despite having thoughts i wasn't going to like it. well boy was i wrong. its been years since i've seen a GREAT movie. everything about this story was perfect and shows exactly the example women are trying to over come still to this day. the casting couldn't have been more perfect. Amy Adam playing the role of Margaret Keane and Christoph waltz as Walter Keane were perfectly fitted for this role. and incase you didn't know Big Eyes is an actual true event that happened , which is why i think they were perfect, Christoph acting style fitted the real Walter keanes persona as did amy adams to Margaret.

Big Eyes
Big Eyes

The story is about a young women who broke off a sexist marriage and moved to California to pursue her long life dream as an Artist, with her young daughter. she then find no one takes who seriously and almost gives up, but then she meats an Artist Walter Keane, who loves her work and encourages her to keep going. soon after they were married and were starting to both get recognised. Walter was always the Talker, and Margaret being shy and not good with salesmanship so Walter insists selling her work to businesses. people began to be interested in her work (but unfortunately not his) and so when hes asked who painted, he takes credit for her work Big eyes. she shortly finds out and tells him not to do it again, but of course he does and she finds herself working for him so he can claim her work.

what i loved about this story (one it being true) is that how much women have come from to now. she felt forced and lost her identity and allowed a man to belittle her to the point where she felt trapped. where as hes charming yet manipulating personality led her to stay and keep her mouth shut. Walter almost irresistible in a way and very convincing. it shows how despite the time when a lot of women were allowing men to treat them in this matter, she found courage to stand up and take charge, even if it meant loosing everything she worked for.

even tho we see these types of sexist 1950 film over and over again, there was just something about this one that made it stand out.

along with the soundtrack which i thought was perfect and it was definitely a big turn for the usual Tim burton work. there was no quirky environment or his popular choice in actors, it was a perfect Drama and I'm so glad Tim Burton decided to make a low budget film for once. he's definitely won some respect from me. lets just hope he continues to make such beautiful work like Big Eyes.

and finally Margaret Keane will have her story told.

I give this movie a big 10stars


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