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As we all know fro SDCC 2014, there is a "Guardians of the Galaxy" animated series coming soon. Don't really know when (as far as we know), but the poster's out and the poster looks amazing!

And now, we can add a few more things to the stuff we got from the coming series- the actors. Follow this link to IMDb:


If you haven't already clicked the link, here it is. Will Friedle, best known for his role on the Disney Channel animated series Kim Possible as Ron, Kim's best friend later turned boyfriend,will play the voice of Rocket Raccoon.


James Arnold Taylor, best known for his role as Johnny Test on the show Johnny Test and the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Star Wars: The Clone Wars as the voice of Cosmo the Dog. Let me stop right there. COSMO THE DOG? Interesting. For those of you still reading, Cosmo the Dog is a somewhat known character in the Marvel continuity and also for his cameo appearance (along with Howard the Duck) in the post credit scene for Guardians of the Galaxy. In the comics, Cosmo does talk.

Anyway, next is Vanessa Marshall who is currently known for lending her voice to the character of Hera in Star Wars: Rebels as the voice of Gamora, the adopted daughter to the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. And speaking of Thanos, Noah Nelson, who played Kee-Oth the Blood Demon on the Cartoon Network's Adventure Time. Next is the voice of Drax the Destroyer, who will be played by David Sobolov, who did actually play the voice of Drax on The Guardians of the Galaxy episode on Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man.

And last, but definitely, certainly not least, famous actor Kevin Michael Richardson will be playing someone that you can tell who it is because I haven't mentioned this character yet........ Groot, the strong....plant.......of the group.

You can tell he's quite the chatterbox.......
You can tell he's quite the chatterbox.......

So far, that's all that's been said as far as actors are concerned. Hopefully, in the weeks/months to come there will be more information on the show as far as places and other supporting characters. But for now, that's about all I got. I want to thank all you readers out there. This is my first post and I certainly hope I left a good feeling in your hearts. Please comment below and tell me what you thought of my very 1st post. Adios!


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