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The government has tried many techniques on reducing the worlds population. This often included somewhat unorthodox techniques that most humanitarians would describe as pushing the boundaries of cruel. So an anonymous group sent an email to the white house offering a solution. As paranoid as the white house was about showing any attention to anonymous groups sending shady emails, a title of "Let us help you" was too ominous to ignore. So he read it.

"Dear White House rep,

In a similar fashion to the illuminati (without the hate) our aim is to reshape the world. It is not the killing and the racism that pushes our buttons, because that will not ruin the planet. We mainly focus on the fact that the population growth is exponential and poses the worst possible threat to our existence. A few ideas have been thrown around, such as an accidental virus leak or instigating a nuclear war, however the outcome is predictable and simply a band aid to the current problem which we all know will eventually put us right back in the same boat we are currently rocking in. Anyway, straight to the point, we need your resources. A few million won't cover the project of this magnitude. Of a real possibility of a future and not some half-ass attempt at population control. We are talking about an entire secluded area where men have absolutely no idea about the existence of women. Where we cut off any historic text, communication to the outside world, and prevent them from knowing any women ever have or can exist..."

He leaned back in his chair and ran his hands through his hair staring up at the ceiling. Reading the words around the eagle exclaiming his title usually calmed him down and helped clear his mind to make the decisions he needed to make.

But not now.

He knew his answer before finishing the rest of the letter. He was going to give the power back to the people. He was going to be the greatest one who ever existed since George Washington first swore in. It is stated right there in the preamble: "We the people...". He took a deep breath.

"To whom it may concern,

After careful consideration, despite the anonymity your group conceives you might actually be on to one of the most intriguing ideas in our nations history. We would never condone the complete annihilation of the human race, however to live in a world without the complications of the opposite gender... almost as if you found the most difficult loophole in a case every person thought unbeatable.

Tell me what you need.


The President of the United States."


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