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Not only is the story compelling but the actors really have a beautiful grasp on their character. Its got drama, action and a nice modern twist.

I've never seen a better Bruce Wayne and he's just a kid (look out Ben Aflack). The Wayne murder is a key element in any Batman-related story and my god did he nail it! Bruce gave us one moment of complete shock before he let out a blood chilling scream that tugged at your heart so hard that it was difficult to watch without bursting into tears yourself. I have never seen something so precise and so real on any tv show, in any movie or any stage production in my life. From there it only gets better!

Selena Kyle is so beautiful and cat-like that even her expressions have an elegant curiousness about them. Her first scene where she is walking through the streets of Gotham, stealing what she can to survive is just beautiful but where she really shines is in her soul scene in Spirit of the Goat. She sneaks into the Wayne mansion and her cat qualities come out with a lovely natural flow. She study's the boy on the couch, as she's been intrigued by him since she first saw him, and tilts her head gracefully and precisely. She then gingerly saunter's to his crime board and studies it. At every sound she calmly checks her surroundings and when she hears Alfred getting close she sneaks out, all without making a sound. That scene just gave me chills!

Edward Nigma is delightfully awkward and even lovable. He is brilliantly put together and the fact that his first word in the series is "Guess" knocked my knee high socks off. I truly cannot wait to see what they do to transform him into the Ridler.

Jim Gordon is fantastic because he truly dose have the roughed up nice guy look and sound to his voice but I'm not sure how I feel about the twist in Barbra's past that was totally pulled out of the air. From an actor's standpoint, I feel that he dose well in showing his dislike for a situation with the goofy expressions on his face but character-wise I am unimpressed. (Granted, they really didn't have much to work with because the comic books rarely focused on him and I think they were trying to distance themselves from the movies.)

Now I saved my favorite adult for last; (I say adult because the kids in the series really own the show and if they don't win an Emmy i'll raise hell) Penguin. They make a character who I didn't particularly care for in the previous movies and comic books so significant in the show. In the past he's been portrayed as a fat old man with a funny nose and no appealing features about him. Now he is seen as a tall, skinny (even puny) young man who still has the nose but is somewhat attractive (remember, it is possible to be creepy AND attractive!) He has not yet reached the top dog status that we knew him as in our beloved comic books, in fact we find him at the bottom scraping for a complement from his twisted boss. The best part about this is that we get to watch him snap and eventually rise to power. My favorite quote is "I'm not a dishwasher." I have to complement the actor here as his character is the most rapid when it comes to development. I know that he had several takes to get it right but it cant be easy to be sniveling at someone's feet in one scene then snapping someone's neck in the next.

The creators of this new series really seem to have a nice grasp on the beginnings of Batman and the way they give you small (almost cameo-like) mentions of future villains is something to be applauded. I truely hope this show goes far because it is fantastic!


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