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So, if you haven't heard the news, an all new DuckTales series is coming to Disney XD in 2017! This is great news! I loved the original DuckTales series, and still have the entire show on DVD for me and my little bros to enjoy! No details about the show have been revealed, other than the fact that it will be on Disney XD in 2017. That's great, but come on Disney, you know that we want more info! You've got to give us more!


Well, it looks like we'll have to wait a bit before we get more information. But luckily, we can tell Disney what we want to hear, thanks to the power of the internet! I present to thee, and Disney, the 5 things I want to see in the new DuckTales! I mean... I doubt they're reading this but...I'm still giving it a shot!

1. Classy Animation

Now rest assured, I'm working on a very long rant article about this topic, but for now I'll just say: I do not like how animation is today. At least TV animation. Maybe I'm just being biased because of my nostalgic '90s/early '00s loving mind, but I just don't. Why? Well, I won't get too much into it because then I'll never stop and this will become the rant article itself, but I just think it tries too hard for all the wrong reasons. Back then, cartoons would be intelligent and have hidden messages behind them that would teach kids lessons they needed to learn in life. Nowadays, cartoons seem to be just random drabble that only serves to distract a kid for a good thirty minutes until the next random drabble comes on. There's no purpose and no heart in the shows. And if there is a lesson, it's either not subtle at all or not apparent enough. Not to mention, animation is just so...well, I don't want to say gross because it's a bit too strong of a word, though, at times it's just the right word... but, I will say that the way cartoons are animated, as in drawn, these days is just so unsettling and pretty darn hard to look at. Just look at any new episode of SpongeBob.

Or the always headache inducing, Uncle Grandpa.

My point is, what's the point of drawing something like this? It's insane, over-the-top and does nothing for the show! My hopes is that DuckTales gets animated by the people behind Gravity Falls, a show that has animation I can honestly look at without cringing all the time.

2. The Original Cast

The cast of DuckTales was solid! Every character had a memorable voice just ripe for imitations! From Scrooge McDuck to Launchpad, the voices perfectly matched the personalities of every character!

I hope they get at least some of the original cast to return for the show! Alan Young as Scrooge, Russi Taylor as Huey/Dewey/Louie/Webby, Terry McGovern as Launchpad McQuack and even Chuck McCann as Duckworth! I'm sure they'd all be up for the task, especially considering they recently reprised their roles in the successful DuckTales: Remastered game. Which, ironically enough, is a reboot of a classic DuckTales property itself!

3. A Crossover With LucasFilm/Marvel

All right...hear me out. Disney already owns both Marvel and LucasFilm. And while a Marvel/Star Wars crossover is a bit of a debate, DuckTales characters partnering up with either Iron Man or Han Solo isn't asking that much of the cheery mouse. After all, both Marvel and Star Wars have crossed into the world of Phineas and Ferb.

Pretty epically too I might add.
Pretty epically too I might add.

I would love to see Scrooge McDuck and the triplets aiding the likes of Tony Stark or the Hulk! Or even, in what would absolutely be the greatest thing to grace our televisions, a crossover with Howard the Duck! Disney you had better be coming up with ideas for a Howard the Duck/DuckTales crossover special! And while a Star Wars space battle featuring Launchpad Solo and Scrooge Skywalker would be a clever episode, I think people have forgotten that Disney also owns Indiana Jones! DuckTales references Ol' Indy heavily throughout the series, so a DuckTales/Indiana episode shouldn't even be something that we'd have to ask for! I'm sure Disney is thinking up ways to give us the epic crossover we desire!

4. Another DuckTales Movie!

This one doesn't have much to do with the show. Well, actually it kind of does, as the general success of the show is what decides the fate of this idea. But if the show does do well, then Disney, you have to make another DuckTales film! The first one was so good, it brought my favorite childhood ducks to the big screen and made them look even more amazing with that classic stunning Disney 2D big screen animation!

Oh, and that's another thing. As much as I love 3D style animation, this is a film you need to make in traditional 2D. This movie needs to look like it was made with the same computer animation software that did Atlantis! Granted, it can be touched up a bit so it looks like a film of today (and not a film of the '90s), but you get the gist. I loved the first film, so a sequel, or even just a standalone would be much appreciated!

5. The Theme Song

You know what I'm talking about! You can't have DuckTales without the iconic theme song. That's the thing about the show everyone remembers! The classic song brought me so much joy as a kid. It let me know that DuckTales was coming on! So Disney definitely needs to bring back the tune!

And I mean bring it back exactly how it was before. No techno remixes, no impromptu rap verses, you keep that bass in your hands and you had better not drop it! It's fragile, come on!

DON'T. Do not drop that bass.
DON'T. Do not drop that bass.

So there you have it, Disney! I, the fan, have just finished up your creative team's job for you! I will be at my house awaiting the letter of gratitude you must be sending me right now.

So, do you agree with any of these ideas? If so, or if not, tell me which one you like the most in the poll below! And tell me some of your ideas in the comments!

Let's get Disney to hear our cry!


Which of these ideas do you like the most?


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