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There's been some brilliant and exciting news for all fans of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) today, as AMC confirmed that for the first time the Season 5 finale will be a feature-length 90 minute long episode!

Take a look at the official tweet from The Walking Dead twitter page:

Even though it feels much too soon to be talking about the season finale, the massive 90 minute show will be the 16th episode for Season 5! The episode will screen on March 29th, and will be directed by executive producer and special effects genius Greg Nicotero. Nicotero has also directed episodes 1, 9 and upcoming episode 12 in this season alone.

This is not the first time a Walking Dead episode has been extended, with both Season 1 and 2 premiers running longer, but it is the first time a finale will run over the standard 60 minutes. All I can say is that it's about time! In fact, with all that has happened over the last three episodes since Season 5b returned to screens, I'd say that having a 90 minute finale episode was more than needed to tie everything up.

Take a look at some of the bigger mysteries that we definitely want solved before the end of Season 5:

Who are the wolves?

In episode 9, "What Happened and What's Going On," we lost one of the group when Tyreese was unfortunately bitten by Noah's younger walker-fied brother. However, that episode was not only sad, but also left us with many mysteries, the first of which were these puzzling spray painted signs reading 'Wolves not far.' Who exactly are the Wolves and what do they want?

Who cut up these walkers?

Episode 9 also introduced us to the gruesome hacked-up walkers in Shirewilt Estate. Firstly, Michonne found a whole pile of arms and legs, and then a short while later the missing heads and torso's spilled out the back of a vehicle. What made these amputee walkers even more suspicious was the fact that they all had 'W's' carved into their foreheads.

My first suspicions were that the mysterious Wolves had carved them in, but hopefully by the time the season finale hits screens we'll have a definite answer.

Can Alexandria and its residents be trusted?

This Sunday's episode ended with the group heading into the walled community of Alexandria, alongside new characters Aaron and Eric. The group was initially cautious of the offer, but the sound of children playing from behind the walls seemed to put Rick's mind at ease.

In upcoming episode 12, the group looks set to enter the gates, so I expect that by the end of Season 5 we will certainly see if this new community can be trusted or if it will join the ranks of Woodbury and Terminus.

The blender gun

At the end of episode 11, Rick stashed this gun, marked with a mysterious 'J,' in a blender outside a shack. No doubt we'll see this gun again in Season 5, but under what circumstances? Hopefully when we do see it, the 'J' marking is also explained - is it a gun that Rick has earmarked for Judith? Who knows!

What are you looking forward to the most in Season 5? Tell me HERE!

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