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The kingdom of Arendelle is a far cry from the reality of our modern day world. Not only is our society far more developed and technologically advanced than the icy tundras of the Frozen landscape, but the princesses from the movie would not fare too well adapting to the activities and fashions seen in the concrete jungles of today.

Without a doubt, wherever you go in the world, if you casually walked down the street in a full-length sparkly dress fit for a ball, you would turn a few heads. That's why the following group of artists took it upon themselves to reimagine our favorite Frozen sister duo as they would appear in the modern world, whether it be on the beach or in a raging techno club.

I have accumulated a selection of some of the best fan creation's I've seen. Take a look:

1. Elsa & Anna are just modern day schoolgirls

In this image, uploaded by an unknown user, instead of flowing gowns, Elsa and Anna are sporting what appears to be ordinary school uniforms. I don't know about you guys but I really like the cute and sexy anime approach.

2. Winter meet summer

The Frozen cast hit the beach, donning swim-suits, building sand castles and frolicking in the sun. Makes a change from the icy surroundings they are used to!

Deviant artist MitsouParker is so talented when it comes to re-imagining our favorite characters in unique scenarios. Take a look at her other work and gaze on in awe at her super skills.

3. Elsa & Anna hit the decks

We already know that the two sisters are musical geniuses and have some of the most beautiful voices out of all the Disney princess, so I can totally imagine them working in the music business in the modern day world. Could they be playing a 'Let It Go' remix here, I wonder? Olaf seems to be enjoying whatever it is!

This is a creation by awesome illustrator and animator Wolfie, who does some commission work for companies such as Saga Flight Entertainment, as well as for his own personal portfolio. Check out more images on the artist's website.

4. The Frozen sisters are joined by Merida and Rapunzel for a photoshoot

These princesses have been reimagined as teens by Deviant artist SanctuarysEmbrace. I particularly like the pink Converse shoes on Rapunzel.

For more of Marissa Anne's work, check out her page.

5. Would you try your hand at Frozen karaoke?

The girls are really wowing the crowd, are they wowing you too? What do you think they are singing?

This disco-inspired image was lovingly created by xeternalflamebryx. I love the colors!

6. These may be modern girls, but they are still hand-drawn the old-fashioned way

Before she drew them in more up-to-date attire, Canadian Deviant artist ChaDrawsThings created them in their actual outfits but chose to finish this image instead. I love the snowflake inspired leggings on Elsa!

7. Modern day Frozen meets Pokemon

Elsa & Anna have their very own Glaceon and Leafeon!

These imaginings come from French artist JackFrostOverland. For more crossovers such as this, head on over to his page.

8. An outfit for every occasion!

This unknown artist has sketched attire for coronation day, Elsa's winter outfit, a fancy party, and a more casual number comprised of shorts and a pink one-shoulder top. Which would you like to see the princesses in?

9. Frozen goes to Hogwarts

Artist Claudia Alejandra has taken over the role of the Sorting Hat, placing Elsa in Slytherin and Anna into Gryffindor. For one, I would love to see this idea brought to life.

Just think of how they would fare as wizarding folk! Do you think they would get up to no good?

10. "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

At least I think that's what Anna's t-shirt says! Either way, this painting portrayal of the two princesses is absolutely magical. The color palette is spot on with the modern day.

For more creations like this, visit the Deviant artist britaisybabe's profile.

11. The Walking Dead vs. Frozen

This re-imagination that sees the Frozen sisters in an episode of The Walking Dead is phenomenal. Can you imagine them running about in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies? I'm sure Elsa would protect everyone with her icy powers.

12. Modern day Elsa wears a turtle-neck and high-waisted pants

Admittedly, the original Elsa already has a lot of sass but I feel like this modern day version is on a whole new level! It totally looks like she's ready to head out to a downtown disco.

A big pat on the back to artist Kaili, otherwise known as mossmallow, for creating this gem.

I think re-imagining such characters in the modern world always sprouts fascinating results. That's why I think it would be incredibly interesting to see what would happen to Elsa and Anna if they were plunged into the deep end of modern life: What would their first day at college be like? How would they fare on a sizzling day at the beach? And on a less realistic level, what they would do in the case of a terrifying zombie invasion?

What do YOU guys think? Let me know in the comments below!


What you like to see Frozen re-made in the modern day?



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