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Virtual reality is just now getting to be easily accessible and somewhat affordable. I mean, imagine playing a game with a high quality virtual reality headset and being truly immersed in that world. It would be a literal gamechanger. Heh... not to mention, the implications for medical purposes, education, military training, etc are so exciting too.

It seems like there is limitless potential for VR, and the tech will only continue to get better. Well, as a promotional event for Samsung's Gear VR, the company went ahead and filmed a bunch of under water footage and they shared the scuba diving underwater immersing experience with a few people.

For the most part, the footage is very calming and peaceful. In fact, it does what I think is the coolest thing about VR - it puts those lucky people in the rare position to experience deep sea diving without getting so much as a drop of water on their bodies. In fact, the footage is shot in the desert of Australia! Super far from the water...

But you'll have to watch until the end to see why this serene look at the depths of the ocean doesn't end like many of these participants would have hoped.

Check out the full experience below:

Well... deep sea diving is not really a possibility out here

You can literally see the heat on the road. The desert of Australia, or the "Outback" as they call it, is not conducive to deep sea diving whatsoever.

Of course Samsung opens a dive store in the least likely dive locale ever

You might find a store like this around our LA Moviepilot offices in Venice... the surf and diving culture is big out here. But in the desert of Australia? This is really a cool idea, props to Samsung.

"Where's the water?"

There's a little sequence here of people walking in, utterly confused as to how there could possibly be a diving spot here...

And the headset goes on...

So, now our guests kind of at least get a little bit more of an explanation of what is really going on here.

And we see the first glimpse of under-water-ness

Just some fish... it looks like we're pretty close to the surface...

The reactions are always awesome

I think people are always so surprised at how realistic whatever they're being immersed in looks. Can't blame them, I've tried a similar device and I recommend it highly.

Wait, is that a shark or...?

Why yes, it sure is...

This woman even points exclaiming, "that's a shark!"

I swear it's so realistic that without thinking hard and convincing yourself that what's around you isn't real, you can actually get caught up.

(Sidenote: When I tried one of these, they put a fake bottomless pit in the room I was standing in and I had to jump into it... then they had a sensation that I was falling [sound and visuals], and it felt so real. It's going to become even better when the tech advances, too!)

One guy even tries to swim away!!

He's literally flapping his arms, trying to do some kind of breaststroke/doggy paddle up to the top!

Everyone kinda starts freaking out

This lowkey rasta dude almost takes off his headset because he can hardly handle this shark coming towards him!

Uh oh here it comes...

And.. the bite

The view from inside the mouth of the shark is eerie

All of the participants talk about how they felt truly "there".

Samsung found a way to make ALL of this possible simply by connecting your phone to a device

Super cool.

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(Via: kotaku)


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