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Michael Olderr

I really don't see the hate behind these Transformers movie. Sure they focus mostly on the human side of thing. Well I ignore that part. While I do love all the movies this made me feel uncomfortable. First off let me state of the negatives I have on this

  • The CGI, to me it stood out. Like Roger Rabbit style. It threw the whole movie off on me
  • Galvatron's Design, For me Galvatron was Megatron ultimate form but they reduced him to being a copy of Optimus Prime. I see why they did it that way but Its really stupid.
  • The Dinobouts as cool as they were did not deliver on the 2 hours and 25 minutes wait
  • It was WAY TO LONG. Killed the mood a little

Well despite all this the film had good quaillities in it. I will say it right now That this film is not a bad movie, but it is my least favorite out all 4

  • Mark Walberg (can't spell for the life of me) Is a way better character than Shia. His character is funny and relatable
  • The humor in it is all clean ( everybody says that it isn't and they quote "sweetheart you pants are shrinking by the second" though I find it clever and that any father would say that.)
  • The range of transformers are much smaller now, I can now know all their names.
  • Great song.
  • Great supporting cast
  • Great villains
  • An interesting overarching plot about the "creators"
  • Best of all A great villain death

Overall Transformers 4 was interesting but did not live up to its predecessors. While it does have moments big distractions like length and bad cgi get in the way.


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