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Not going to name any names here due to the flack they might take, but somebody at Moviepilot LA claims 2010's Tangled is better than [Frozen](movie:411685). Yeah, you read that right. BETTER. THAN. FROZEN.

Well, regardless of whether you think that's true, it's fair to assume that the live-action version of Tangled is going to be sick.

So, without further ado. Here you go. Fan-casting for Tangled:


Now this is kind of wild, but I'm going with a Taylor Swift acting debut as Rapunzel here.

I think she has the locks to pull it off! And hey, Jared Leto was able to transition from music to movies. If anybody could do it, it's T-Swift.

Mother Gothel

This might be wishful thinking, because she would have to be available but I gotta go with Angelina Jolie here.

As you are starting to see here, this is kind of a all-star cast. But, this budget could be huge and let's just say that seeing Angelina in that evil role would be amazing...

King of Corona

I think, because of the fact that he never got to be a king on [Game of Thrones](movie:817617), I would gladly hand this role over to Sean Bean.

He's got those rugged good looks. This could work.

The Queen of Corona

This might appear or seem unorthodox, but since I loved them for the brief bit they were together on GoT, I would go with Michelle Fairley. Boy, they were great parents and would have been a suitable King/Queen combo. Why not have that in Tangled?

The North is strong again.

Flynn Rider

For Flynn Rider, I had to go with the dude from Boyhood. I mean like, he kinda looks like him AND he deserves a real role. Ha, so his name is actually Ellar Coltrane.

Hollywood, don't turn your back on this kid. Give him another shot!

Stabbington Brother

The Stabbington Brother could get played by Dave Bautista, I think. He's really killing it these days, and he's massive.

I'm not entirely sure what they would do about those tats, but I'm sure they'll figure it out.

Captain of the Guard

I think I would have to go with Will Forte here. Don't ask me why. I just think he could pull it off, he does great impressions, and he's got comedic timing down pat.

This is one of the ones I'm probably least sure about but I think it would work.

What do you think of this cast?


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