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The nineteen-nineties was an astonishingly good decade for The Walt Disney Company. They released classic after classic, and after such movies as Toy Story, The Lion King, and Aladdin, many fans wondered if they could ever release anything quite as good again.

But sure enough, just after the turn of the decade in 2000, along came The Emperor's New Groove.

The movie hilariously depicts the misadventures of an arrogant, egocentric young Emperor named Kuzco, who is eventually transformed into a llama by his power-hungry advisor, the devious diva Yzma. Abandoned and stranded in a remote jungle, Kuzco's only chance to get back home and reclaim the high life rests with a good-hearted peasant named Pacha.

It's a classic, but what if it looked slightly different? What if, instead of being an animated movie, it was a live-action blockbuster!?

This is who I would cast for a live-action The Emperor's New Groove.

Will Poulter as Emperor Kuzco

The English star of The Maze Runner and The Chronicles of Narnia would be perfect to play the vain, 18-year-old (almost 19-year-old) emperor of the Incan Empire. Look at the matching eyebrows!

Vin Diesel as Pacha

Vin Diesel may look like a bad guy in all those big action movies he stars in but I think he's a big softy, really. Hence why I think he'd be great as the cumbersome but kind-natured peasant, Pacha.

Angelina Jolie as Yzma

Angelina Jolie has the villainous experience and the evil good looks to play Yzma, Kuzco's power-hungry advisor.


Feeling nostalgic for some Emperor's New Groove? Watch this fan-made compilation of the movie's best moments below!

Channing Tatum as Kronk Pepikrankenitz

He may not have the hair but he definitely has the big muscles. I don't know Channing (obviously) but for some reason I think he'd be perfect to play Yzma's dim-witted right-hand man. Sorry, Channing!

Penelope Cruz as Chicha

This one is a no-brainer. The stunning Penelope Cruz to play Pacha's beautiful, stubborn wife, Chicha.

Who should play Bucky the Squirrel?

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