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I am always amazed at the dedication of adoring fans who take the chance to recreate their favorite movie scenarios or transform themselves into a beloved video game or anime character. And just when I thought I had seen it all, after trawling through the endless treasure trove of fantastic examples on the internet earlier today, I was dumb-struck by a selection of images that simply blew my mind.

Admittedly, we are no strangers to cosplaying pets - we have all emitted ear-piercing shrills at the cuteness of costume-donning cats and dogs, and we have all seen the odd pug dressed up as Harry Potter or Gandalf.

But this... this is something else!

When it comes to proudly owning a family of guinea pigs, Japanese Twitter user @chikuwa_kintoki really knows how it's done. Alongside feeding them and giving them a lovely pen to prance around in, Ayu also loves to play dress-up with her furry pals. By creating handmade mini costumes, intricate background scenery and giving them tiny props to sniff at, she presents her critters as some of her favorite anime characters and the results are simply adorable!

Without any further hesitation, I introduce to you Kintoki, his lady friend Chikuwa, and their darling daughter Menma. I'll be surprised if you can find a more photogenic cosplaying family affair.

Super Mario

Here's Mario but where is his cart?

Either way, who cares! Just look at those tiny beady eyes poking out from under that tiny hat!

Quick, jump on the mushroom to get the box!

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th

There's a serial killer guinea pig wearing a tiny felt mask on the loose!

Luffy from One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy is the pirate son of the Revolutionary Army's commander, a grandson of a famed marine, and a foster son of a mountain bandit. His lifelong dream is to become Pirate King and he likes to perfectly balance straw hats on his furry furrow.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

I wouldn't mind a cape like that for myself, to be honest.

Sailor Moon

I can just hear the furry critter squeaking:

"I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice! On behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!"

Chun-Li from Streetfighter

Just look how quick Chun-Li moves to defeat her opponent. Her lightening kick is sensational!

Froggy G

A guinea pig learning the ways of the frog life. (Can anyone tell me where this is from?)

Well, I think my cute creature limit has been reached for today but if you can't get enough, get your paws clicking over to Ayu's blog.

It may be in Japanese but who cares, we're all just here for the pictures of the little pigs anyway!


Have these images made your day as much as they made mine?



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