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Mike Chamberlain

Remaking a movie or series is nothing new to Hollywood, but over the last few years ( and foreseeable future ) it seems to be increasing in a dramatic fashion. Most people seem quite content to watch the same old drivel over and over. But as a passionate movie fan, I personally am getting tired of seeing the same old ideas time and time again. How many of you out there like me can point out the killer or guess with a 100% certainty whats coming next before it happens? ( Much the the annoyance of those around you )

So many times I have enjoyed the ride only to be disappointed with an obvious ending. So it begs the question, does Hollywood have any original thinkers left?

Now of course I know its unfair to cast this shadow over every movie out there. Recent films such as Birdman, Interstellar and Boyhood don't fall into this category. But it seems recently for every original piece of cinema that comes along, two more remakes or re imaginings pop up along side it. Take X-men Days of future Past, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Conan and Spiderman. Now its not that I'm saying all these movies are bad. Some of them in fact I actually quit enjoyed. But what alarms me is how it appears that every 10 years or so they " Re Launch " and " Re Imagine " a series. Or make a sequel that totally disregards the original in the case of Terminator Genesis.

Now I realize some people may think I'm over reacting and that in actuality there aren't that many remakes. But you would be surprised. Take IMBd `s List of 100 Remake and Reboots that are coming between Last year all the way up to 2020. 100 Movies in 6 years. That's enough to have more than 1 new movie reboot EVERY month until the end of 2020.


So whats your thought on all the Remakes?


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