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Hello, OK, first off, I am new to this so be gentle in the comments. I'm quite a geek so I thought it would be appropriate to make my first post about a character we all know and love, an icon to geeks, nerds, dorks and spazoids alike, we all know him. Ladies, gents, boys, girls and Gotham lovers, introducing..

The Joker!

Naw, ain't he pretty?
Naw, ain't he pretty?

Now, as none of you will know, as I have never blogged before, here or anywhere else really, I was quite displeased by the casting of Jared Leto to be The Joker in this new DC Cinematic Universe. BUT, this is nothing against Leto as an actor, I just don't think he's right for the part. No anger, no abuse, please, these are simply my opinions, you may agree or disagree as you see fit.

Anyhow, I digress. I was inspired to post this because I have been watching a lot of Batman stuff lately and thinking a lot about a great number of casting choices fans have suggested over the years to play many various comic/graphic novel characters on screen. Last night, however, I saw quite possibly my new favorite casting choice of all time, and what made it so outstanding was I didn't know exactly what I was in for...

Last night I watched the 16th episode so far of the new series Gotham. Now, while I as yet still have not entirely figured out whether this show is supposed to be set in 2002 or the 19-freakin-90s, either way, it's Awesome! I've become a huge fan to this whole origins story that's being created! BUT the best thing thus far has been (SPOILERS AHEAD: If you have NOT seen Ep16 of GOTHAM: The Blind Fortune-Teller, DO NOT READ!)

...Jerome, the creepy circus brat that will someday become the Clown Prince of Crime, played by Cameron Monaghan's (Shameless U.S.A) portrayal of the sneaky and sadistic super-villain-to-be was truly terrifying, even perhaps more so then the events of the previous episode featuring "The Scarecrow"...

And on that note, here is my list of 10 Actors that could or should have been cast instead of Leto in this iconic role...



It could've been his density..!
It could've been his density..!

Okay-dokey, so, we all know this guy, he's been around forever, he was George McFly in Back to the Future, he played Andy Warhol in The Doors, he was in Alice in Wonderland, and that weird-arse Willard movie... He's no stranger to an unusual character, is what I'm getting at! And the man has pretty good range, especially when playing a somewhat insane (if not entirely i.e. Willard...) character.

With his pointy chin and nose, long face and epic creep factor I'd most definitely love to see an on screen interpretation by this terrific character actor.


Now, the majority of people currently know this fellow by the name of Bofur. But some of you may (or may not) know before his performance as one of the lovable dwarves from the magical land of Middle-Earth he played an Absolutely Raving F***ing Psychopath, CANNIBAL in Jekyll...

"Trust me, I'm a psychopath!"
"Trust me, I'm a psychopath!"

And just take a look at him, can't you just see this guy tearing the absolute shit out of Gotham and messing with Batman's head on a dangerous level?! Again, he's a brilliant actor we should all be familiar with (considering current box-office success of The Hobbit franchise) and would make an exquisite opposite to our beloved Dark Knight...


The more hard-core fans of DC's animated film, or simply DC film in general should be aware that this creepy dude, known all over from playing , uh, Persons of Interest, shall we say..?

However, my fellow Batfans, and those who still remember the original (and BEST) of the Saw films, will recognize him as Zepp. I believe he was also on Lost, and more recently he lent his voice to the Arch Duke of Arkham in The Dark Knight Returns Pt2, and he was pretty damn good! Seeing as he has he look of somebody rather creepy I bet he could pull it off with flying colors!

On the other hand, he would make an intriguing choice to play Riddler instead.


I know, I know, he's a little younger than Jared Leto and the whole reason I dislike Leto as Joker is because he looks way younger the Ben-Batfleck and the Jokers is supposed to be older than Bruce... But I really liked Franco in the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies. I thought he was under done as a villain and could've been given an more dark personality after he regained his memory.

Yeah, I wouldn't call him a top contender, he tends to get a bit too silly sometimes in his comedy works (especially those with Seth Rogan), but he is a fantastic actor, if you've seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes or The Great and Powerful Oz, he does have some depth.


Yes, that's right it's THIS guy! You'll all of course know him as Earl, but in fact, unknown to many, he goes also by another name: Jason Lee. And before he captured our hearts as the lovable (and literal) Hick, trying to mend his wicked ways, he was in a shit-load of other stuff no one gives a crap about anymore!

Appearing mainly in comedy stuff, but occasionally dabbling in darker areas, he also starred probably his most well known early film Mallrats, opposite, yep!

6. The Bat-fleck!

Followed by other works of God-to-of-Geeky Kevin Smith a.k.a. Silent Bob such as Chasing May, and Jay and Bob Strike Back, he also was the voice of Syndrome in The Incredibles... Oh, and let's not forget that time he was a F***ing Demon!



Here again, Rockwell may be a better choice to play an intellectual villain such as Edward Nygma, but having seen performances such as his in The Green Mile and Galaxy Quest the guy has an incredibly wide range in his vocab...

He has a comic talent but a dark and serious side that would work wonderfully for Zack Snyder's DC Universe, and he could even be taken to a darker level still...

Can't sleep, Clowns will eat me.
Can't sleep, Clowns will eat me.

Tell me this creep wouldn't give you nightmares?! Just look at it! LOOK AT IT! It's pure evil, just as The Joker should be...


Yes, well, as we all know, this guy WAS the Riddler at one point, in that incredibly campy Joel Schumacher excretion we all probably enjoyed as children, because, let's face it, it was a 2 hour toy commercial. Mind you, an incredibly high-budget toy commercial, but none the less... it wasn't good...

But now I say it's time we give the man a second chance, after all it wasn't him who gave the order to make every other villain in this franchise completely over-act and pretend they were The Joker.

Jim is a powerhouse when playing a serious role and combining this with his comedic genius could add up to one seriously awesome Mr. J!


A relative unknown, unless you've seen any of the American series of Shameless, where he plays Lip and brother to Ian (Gotham's Jerome, Cameron Monaghan).

Now, for this one I'm not suggesting he would make the right choice to go head to head with Ben Affleck, he's too young for Dawn of Justice and the other films to come, however, upon learning of Cam Monaghan's casting I had a thought of how his brother actor could take on the role, and it struck me as an interesting idea.

Having seen Cam as the character, I know only too well they made the right call, but still Jeremy White could've made a cool Jerome as well.

But there is no way in hell he could've out crazied this creep...

"Ya know..."
"Ya know..."

11. Willem Dafoe

Well, just about every Batfan on the internet has seen this fan made photo-shop of the former Green Goblin actor as the Clown Prince of Gotham. By the way, may I say at this point that I take no credit for any images, I've simply taken them from google search, a couple I chucked together myself in paint editor...

Now this is one of my favorite choices, Dafoe always plays a menacing role, even when he's on the good side. He has a certain creepiness that can't be over-looked, the sinister nature he presents would give The Joker a true essence of evil, as he never fully got to show us as old Normal Osbourne...

And Finally...


OK, he's most definitely not the best actor ever, he's not a great actor, he's not even really a good actor, but there is one thing that he is, my friends, and that is creepy! Gary Busey, is a creepy guy, your argument is invalid and if you believe other-wise...

Above you will see one hell of a creepy guy..!
Above you will see one hell of a creepy guy..!

I believe I just changed you're opinion. Case closed.

Well, apologies for the night-mares. I hope you enjoyed my first post, I don't know how often I'll be able to do them but if you liked what you've seen leave a comment, let me know your opinions and other actors you would put on this list.

Thanks for reading, those who made it to the end. :)

This image I do take credit for.
This image I do take credit for.

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