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Keith Friend-Equality Bailey

Everywhere you turn these days in the Atlanta area, it seems there is a new show about the Undead. "Vampire Diaries", "The Originals", "[The Walking Dead](series:201193)", "Constantine", and now "Immortalz Atlanta" and "Sleepy Hollow". Atlanta is also home for more Haunted House attractions every year than anywhere else in the United States, the birthplace of the "Vampire" role playing game, and has more Horror based film festivals and conventions than any other city.

You have to wonder why Atlanta citizens are so fascinated by the undead. Is it something in the water? Not that you will hear anyone in the Atlanta area complaining, these shows certainly bring in a lot of jobs and revenue for the city. Convention tourism is at an all time high, and shows like Dragon Con have become so large that getting a hotel downtown requires booking a year in advance.

With so much money being generated, can anyone really blame Atlanta for wanting more shows about the undead? The tourism department might be well served to trade in on the trend and just start calling Atlanta the "Undead Capital" of the world. So Atlanta production crews bring out your dead, and animate them, the city just can't seem to get enough!


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