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I think we can all agree on one thing,and that is that there are villains we love and those we hate.Now i created a list of my favorite villains,and some of them i even liked more than a hero. So let's begin...


A total badass mutant that can use his powers to manipulate magnetic fields has done some bad things,but can you blame him? He lived trough Holocaust and lost his family in the camps,and he doesn't want to see mutants suffer from the same fate.His tragic past makes us feel sympathy.So you pretty much can't argue with this guy...


Deathstroke is considered the deadliest assassin in DC Comics — no easy feat, considering he's human and faces some heinous competition. After undergoing a experiment that increased his strength and intelligence, he battled Batman, Nightwing, and the Teen Titans, and eventually destroyed Nightwing's beloved home of Bludhaven. But we love him because he still tries his best to be a good dad. Aww.

3.Bane (Tom Hardy)

Bane broke Batman. Fueled by childhood rage and a mysterious ultra-steroid known as Venom, Bane sent Gotham City into chaos, rendering Batman completely vulnerable. Bane is terrible, but also adorable: He has a teddy bear named Osito. Cute! We'll overlook the fact that Osito hides knives.He had a traumatic past he spent all of his life in the Pit,he was forged by the darkness to become what he is today.You just unerstand how tough it was for him and how much rage he had to express.

2.Loki (Tom Hiddlestone)

If it weren't for Thor's devious half-brother, we'd have no 'Avengers,' and you would have no plans this weekend. The God of Mischief/God of Evil's 'I hate my daddy and brother' syndrome is so intense that he would fight through the ages to usurp them, but he does have one redeeming quality: Despite his appetite for destruction, he will let no harm come to his adopted home of Asgard.

1.The Joker

Ignore the clown-like Joker from the '60s. The Joker we know and love (the one who won an Oscar) is an intelligent and psychopathic killer who creates chaos for his own amusement.

He's a yin to Batman's yang: Both have had chances to kill the other, but have backed out for various reasons.He isn't like other villains
he does it for amusement.Like Alfred Said:

''Some men just want to watch the world burn''

And that's what he did,I mean the guy stole 43 million dollars and literally burnt it.

A character like the Joker represents the most fearsome and detestable of human behavior (and some would say nature). That's why he's so popular, and that's what makes the character so interesting.
Everything Burns
Everything Burns


Who is your favorite villain?


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