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From big screen to small screen.

The act of converting a movie into a TV show has been around for a while. Recently it's been reaching a high, with shows like Bate's Motel, Teen Wolf, and the upcoming Evil Dead TV show. But you can't think of TV shows based off of movies without thinking of Stargate. A less than stellar cult classic movie that became a whole universe because of how popular of a show it became. What if other movies were turned into TV shows? How popular would they be?

5. Donnie Darko.

The 2001 cult classic movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, about a boy who learns of the end of the world. I think this would be one of those TV shows that instead of a spin off it could be a re-telling. It would follow the events of the movie using maybe the usual 10 to 12 episode formula but with different edits and mods to the story as to expand and stretch it out. In a similar fashion to Teen Wolf, but not as much of a tween drama. Plus i think it would be cool to see Frank the rabbit again. Implement him in each episode.

4. Navy SEALs.

Although a not so great 90's action flick with a real 90's style feel to it. I think it would make a good show, very similar to The Unit. Take the same characters from the movie and adapt them into the show. And maybe even have Michael Beihn or Charlie Sheen play as the team's CO giving them missions and intel. I think it would be interested to see them sent on different missions, from hostage rescue to search and seizure missions.

3. Blade Runner.

Blade Runner one of Harrison Ford's best roles. A dark Sci-Fi neo noir film, that questioned humanity and emotions. Make the show about another Blade Runner, instead of Rick Deckard. Every episode has a different crime or mystery but have a different main villain every season, the villain being a replicant of course. It would be very interesting to see a show based on Blade Runner, see how they implement the corporation, the replicant lore, etc.

2. End Of watch.

A great movie by all means. A gritty plot, likable characters, emotional events, and realistic feel. Now this would be a show mainly related by title. Have it set in either L.A. or New York or another big city. Give it the same style as the movie. About a pair of partners that works the beat. Using the same combination, documentary/ conventional film style. It would be a great show in the long list of police procedural and Adam 12 clones.

1. Starship Troopers.

I know that this has already had a TV show based on it, but make one in live action, and about a different Platoon of MI troopers. Hell Casper Van Dien can even reprise his role as Colonel/ General Rico in some episodes. I think that it could span different planets and campaigns. Include the many different bug types, and even the classic MI equipment and weapons. Of course the violence may have to be toned down, unless it's put on HBO or Showtime.

Of course there would be no way to tell how successful these would be unless it actually happened. And there are many more movies that would make good shows.


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