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There are some horror movie's now that have very little to offer the shock value of Hollywood.The high budget of scaring people isn't as easy now as it was forty years ago.But it is still a sought after genera that people need the jumps and the gore factor in their lives to make the mundane boring days interesting.Now people watching the news is a scary concept.I think some movies that I watched while growing up like the Freddy and Jason series lost its originality.Because how many ways can you kill something.But there is some movie gems out there that deserve a sequel or a prequel.Here's a couple of movies on the list that I feel deserves chance.

At the top this one horror is my all time favorite it has a humor factor in it which makes it more than enough to be made into a prequel.

Jeepers creepers:

This movie deserves a sequel or a prequel the first was good original.Id like to see it as a prequel due to the circumstances of every 23rd spring.For 23 days it gets to eat. The creeper is amazing as he doesn't die but dose explain why he use's the peoples bodies against his next candidate.The prequel would be nice to say hey maybe he was once human and something changed him.I heard the director on the director commentary on Jeeepers creepers 2.To say he'd like to see a prequel for it to say how the creeper came to be and maybe at one point it was human.

The next movie I'd like to see is one that is a good one but to say it's b rate would be an understatement.

Blood creek:

Id love to see this movie as a sequel it was quite good.Not going to spoil it but It was one of the best b rate movies Id seen in years I saw it a while ago but I say its creepy enough to deserve one.

The collection:

A good movie to watch and it was quite good. Id like to see as a sequel.Just watch the movie the premise is in the title.


Great movie is all I can say about this movie there isn't much bad about this movie other.I would like to see a prequel due to I'd like to know how far back it goes.


What movie do you feel is better as a sequel or prequel?


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