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If you're like me, when you saw this tweet below then you jumped up and screamed and ran around like a crazy person. Because how freakin' awesome is this tweet.

So now that I've had a few hours to collect my thoughts, as long as some outside help from CinemaBlend and ScreenRant, I've put together a list of what that big announcement could be. Prepare to !

A Non-Marvel Opportunity

This is probably the one thing that has the smallest chance of happening. Could it? Yes. But why would he introduce it with a poster for Age of Ultron? So chances are the announcement is going the Marvel route, but on the off-chance it didn't, maybe we'll be seeing Sherlock Holmes 3 or maybe we'll see a sequel to the Judge. Again, chances are it will be superhero related.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man...

This is probably my surest bet on what that big announcement could be: Spider-Man has been cast. Yes, it's been a wild whirlwind of Spider-Man rumors and news ever since that Sony/Marvel deal went through. And assuming Spider-Man is about to make a grand entrance (either with his own movie or a cameo in different one), Marvel's probably frantically trying to cast our web-slinger. I think that come March 5th we'll find out just who our next teen superhero is going to be and maybe even what movie he'll be in.

Iron Man 4

Given that Robert Downey Jr. has denied this rumor over and over again, I say that chances for Iron Man 4 are slim. However, he has back-tracked lately and is not blatantly denying those Iron Man 4 rumors as he had been. Did Marvel work out another movie for Iron Man? Could be. Of course, I feel that if they were to make another Iron Man movie, it would only be fair to make another Thor movie and Captain America movie. And while we're already getting a new Spider-Man movie, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Inhumans, Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War, I can't imagine Marvel squeezing in yet another Thor 4 and Captain America 4.

The Vision

We haven't seen much action on the Vision side of Age of Ultron. So...what could the announcement be? Maybe it's a final reveal of the Vision. Maybe we get to see the Vision finally in all his splendor and power, busting up some Ultron robots. That would be awesome. Maybe we even get a new trailer solely focused on the Vision. It's only a matter of months before the movie comes out anyways, so sooner or later we will get the full Vision poster, trailer, or TV spot.

He's Here To Stay

If there's one casting choice out of any movie ever that has been the perfect casting choice, it was Robert Downey Jr. as Iron man. No one will be able to play Tony Stark/Iron Man like Robert Downey Jr. can. I think Robert Downey Jr. has realized that too, that his career as an actor is largely successful because of Marvel and that he really is the fan-favorite. Maybe he's renewed his contract. Maybe he'll be in Marvel movies until he dies. Or maybe he's become Iron Man in real life...


What do you think Robert Downey Jr. is going to announce?


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