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Batman is without a doubt the most loved characters of all time.The dark and gritty background of batman appeals to the audience in every way possible.The time when we imagined batman in tightys/underwear with a long ass cape are long gone.Batman now is without a doubt the most badass looking character with his ultra modern gadgets,vests with all the different modular attachments,his most beloved/awesome looking bat mobile and bike only adding to his glitter.Back when batman first came out in 1939 in Detective Comics#27 he became an instant hit which gained him his own comic book title later in 1940.Batman the secret identity of Bruce Wayne who was an american billionaire,philanthropist and industrialist soon became the hottest character in town.The imagination of such a background itself was way ahead of it's time.The fact that he didn't have any superpowers made him more believable to the audience,the way he made use of his detective skills,intellect,science and technology,wealth,physical prowess,martial arts skills,an indomitable willpower,fear and intimidation against crime completely overpowered the minds of all comic book lovers.

Since 1939 Batman has been repeatedly re-imagined/re-designed to suit the fast changing/dynamic time period.As the year progressed both batman's logo as well as batman's costume kept changing to make him look more relevant to the fans as well the time period itself.To take it a step further and prove that batman can be re-imagined in any horizon a group of artists remastered batman's look in different time periods.To celebrate the caped crusader these artist surely had no limit in the way they imagined batman which is epic and surely does justice to the Dark Knight.

Let's take a look at some of the awesome fan made arts.


Re-imagining batman as a pirate captain is both surreal and awesome.Imagine how other rival pirate captains must be feeling when facing their nemesis in the form of batman.Don't be surprised if batman happens to have a lot of hi-tech gadgets in his ships.....or we should say......BATSHIP.The bat logo itself would make rival captains pee their pants..................BAT AHOY!!


In the future batman embraces the cyborg technology and fuses himself into a body of a robot.This surely will give batman an edge over his opponents.As if batman was not strong enough seeing batman in robot armor will demoralize the enemy.We would surely love to see batman equipped with a power armor/robo suit in Batman Vs Superman movie......i mean who wouldn't...i personally would have 6 orgasms in my eyes.


Batman is already the dark lord,imagining him as the lord of the underworld will certainly make him even more darker.This art certainly gives us the creeps as it re-imagines batman with a red bloodied skull head complete with a costume made from the skins of the tormented souls of the underworld.The weapon makes him more deadlier and intimidating.

4.Medieval Batman

Here batman is teleported to medieval time period.To adapt,engage and survive batman equips himself with medieval armor and sword with the bat logo engraved in the armor.As if batman was not manly enough,he decides to grow a beard to look like a fierce warrior...the peoples warrior.I am sure if Gotham city.....oh wait if Gotham Kingdom was set in that time period batman certainly would have donned this outfit complete with the sword which without a doubt is made of material that was way ahead of it's time.....LOL!!!


Here the artist re-imagines batman with a exo-skeleton suit with a helmet that is able to display holographic display right in front of batman's eyes.He now does not require the cumbersome I-PAD like gadgets to suit his needs.To be more economical he as now decided not to engrave bat logo on his chest...but instead he used a laser light.


We would certainly not mind a synopsis in which batman is somehow teleported way back in the american revolution.We would certainly love seeing batman kicking red coat soldier's ass.He would surely be a valuable asset to George Washington.He would certainly give the revolution a taste of dark knight's tactics and strategy.Having said that including batman in Assassin Creed universe would be awesome.


Imagining a nordic batman aka as a viking would certainly up the ante up for us movie goers.Here batman is re-imagined as a buffed up/jacked up viking complete with steel horned helmet/mask.The bat logo designed according to the nordic culture looks awesome.


Here the artist tries to remaster batman as a street fighter in the future.Since the streets are filled with hard liner criminals batman is re-imagined a completely different outfit.He is equipped with lighter armor so as to increase his speeds.By the look of it he seems to be an expert in parkour/free running.It surely gives him a street look.It is surely to increase his street creds.


Batman as a middle eastern?Well by the looks of this art it surely seems so.He is given a middle eastern look with a moustache in his face.The Turkish curved dagger seems to do justice to the complete outfit.Be it any universe/time period...batman has to be rich so he is also given a expensive rare wooden stick to contemplate his wealth.......surely that is not just a know that right?


Batman as a renaissance knight is just too good.It adds to the dark/shadowy vibe.Imagining him as a member of a knight's round table would certainly be great.With Armor as black as black hole, a blade black as midnight,a valiant steed of chestnut, the strength of a thousand men, and a heart made of pure courage, a new hero is born........BATMAN!!!!


There are 2 things you should be scared/careful of in case of a zombie outbreak.....first is running out of ammo/weapons and second is batman zombie hunting/chasing you.Because if that is the case then it is certain that you are near your doom.Abandon your homes and abandon all hopes.


Batman and his team in steam punk outfit.....enough said!!!!With a backdrop of either Victorian England or America's Wild West at hand, modern technologies are re-imagined and realized as elaborate works of art, fashion, and mechanics so why should batman be left behind.Without a doubt Jules Verne and H.G.Wells would have been proud.


Here batman is re-imagined as a member of dark brotherhood the cleansing force,the bringer of justice group of the medieval period.Although he is batman...he looks more like SAURON from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.


Batman fused into iron man's suit.It sure gives him a menacing look...or it could be that Tony Stark is a fan of batman...if you know what i mean.......:P....:D


Remember the fall out universe?The greaser gangs in the vaults?Well if you do then i am sure that you would imagine batman exactly as this art.Love the Wayne corporations logo in the lower right corner of the art.Nice touch!!

It would certainly be awesome to see batman encounter various villains in alternate realities as well as parallel universe.If DC somehow creates comics based on such time periods then it would certainly be appeasing to all the comic book lovers.

Source-Dose,Viral Nova


Would you like to see batman in such alternate realities in different avatars?


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