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Grady Wygiera

With Donald Glover neither confirming, nor denying that he is the new Spider-Man, people are wondering now, will the new Marvel led Spider-Man Reboot be an origin story? Will we see Miles Morales don the web-shooters and bug-eyed mask? Or will we see a Peter Parker that has been in the game for a while now? My question is most important, even if it is not an origin story, do we want to see Uncle Ben again? This doesn't necessarily mean we have to go through his death again, but wouldn't fans want to see him in a flashback, saying one of the most golden lines in comics to be written? And who should Marvel cast to utter those golden words? How about the man with the golden voice? Mr. Morgan Freeman. What do you think? Do you want the man who played God to play the man who inspires our Friendly-Neighbourhood Wall-Crawler? Would you be excited to see Donald Glover as the Web-Slinger? Or do you want Miles Morales in the MCU? Let me know below!


Would You or Would You Not See a Spider-Man Movie With Donald Glover as Peter Parker and Morgan Freeman as Uncle Ben?


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