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Me sitting here writing about this masterpiece of a movie will not do it any justice. Seek out a copy, watch it, become transfixed in the surreal imagery, ultimately fall in love with the film itself.

The film itself follows the adventure of The Thief as he wakes from a sleep. Once he awakens from his sleep he meets a small legless man who acts as his companion. He sees some Mexicans selling biblical merchandise and is captured by them and had plastic versions made of him since he looks like jesus. Upon waking up and viewing what has happened he goes absolutely insane and destroys all of the versions made of him besides as one which almost acts as him bearing the burden of being in the image of christ. To cut a long story short what transpires is something which can not be explained in words but only can be explained by viewing the film and merely mentioning anything else will ruin the film as a whole. The story is almost as if David Lynch took one too many pills and decided to make a pseudo biblical film, it makes next to no sense and upon your first viewing you will not understand it in its entirety and that is fine I have watched a couple of times and I have only just touched the surface of the film. What Alejandro Jodorowsky has created here is almost non-existant in todays cinema and has gone widely under looked just for it's subject matter and the heavy use of surrealism. But it's just so perfect that you become transfixed into the film until the very last second and you are left just wanting more. Not very many films do this today and for that reasons it's amazing to see a movie so different in such a crowded front. The ending as well is literally the greatest ending I have ever seen in a film period and it changed how I look at films today.

Getting onto the world itself, it's nothing short of strange but loveable in a very odd way. Yeah the world it creates and the characters that inhabit the film aren't what you are used to seeing in modern cinema, but again thats what makes it something to marvel at. I mean there is a part of the film where a general cuts off the scrotum of his soldiers and keeps them in jars. I mean do you find that in films today ? Each character that is introduced has a world and a personality to them which is different from the rest and you begin to fall in love with them because they are just so different. I will say the acting isn't revolutionary by any stretch and the dialogue at times can get a bit bad. But it doesn't detract from the film and if you are able to keep a open mind you will get past it. I'm telling you now this film isn't something that you will ever see again it's almost once in a lifetime kind of film. It's almost The Last Of Us of films, something so revolutionary that will never be seen again.

The camerawork isn't something which is revolutionary by any standards which could be down to the small budget that the film had but what is achieved lends itself well and it's never once distracting. It's something all Alejandro Jodorowsky films have, they don't change how films should be looked at but it just works so well. When the film gets surreal is where the films cinematography excels and it's just simply divine to look at going from one extreme to extreme; but it never sacrifices anything, if anything happens during the film rest assured you will not miss it.

It's a film which can never be remade or rebooted. It's something that will transcend time and maybe 50 years from now it will be looked at as one of those films no one ever watched but everyone should have. I am going to tell you that you might actually hate the film, thats fine i will not hunt you down, it's your opinion. Just give it a chance it will change how you look at films in the future and believe me it's one of those films that you will show your friends once you have done watching it.

At the time of writing this review in England there isn't many options in owning the film because here the DVD version can fetch around £30 and the Blu-Ray only came out in America so without a region free Blu-Ray player you won't be able to watch it. But there is a saving grace, you can watch the whole film on youtube for free. So what are you waiting for?, watch this masterpiece.


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