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The Scream Queen.

A term used for woman who can either survive, have a beautiful death, screams really well, plays the Victim in the genre of Horror.

I'd like to recreate what it means to be a Scream Queen and define this woman as a strong female character or the actress who delivered the best performances in the Horror-Sci Fi Genre.

These ladies take form as either hero's, villains, and victims in the genre.

Without these woman and their in-depth performances, we would not have some of films most Iconic performances.

This list highlights major influences in horror by a female actress and honors them.

In no particular order

In my book these woman are all number 1's.

Sigourney Weaver
Alien, Aliens

First off. Is anybody else freaking out over the recent news that Neill Blomkamp of District 9 is directing and that Sigourney Weaver will be delivering his vision to the franchise?


Why she's a Scream Queen? She's the first Actress to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in the Science fiction-Horror Genre.

During a time when actions hero's like Rambo dominated the box office, she graced the screen. Her character arch through out all the films, sequels included, begins as a self reserved woman who in any other Hollywood Horror movie would have died instantly. She evolved into what every current female in an Action film strives to be. She is a warrior that kicks ass and doesn't back down or give up (Milla Jovavich, Zoe Zaldana, Michelle Rodriguez, pay tribute to your leading lady, without her you all wouldn't be kicking ass as well as you do.)

Angelica Huston

A Jim Henson's production of Roald Dahl's classic children's story, Witches.

Practical Effects. Puppetry. And some of the best character development you will ever see. Angelica Huston shines and haunts the memories of all kids who watched this film.

Her Performance is worthy of a Best Supporting Actress Award in my opinion. She is the inspiration for countless Drag Queens, most recently Sharon Needles. She terrifies and owns the entire movie even before she reveals her true self.

The energy that she brings to her performance, Screams Queen. She is the Grand High Witch and nobody fucks with her. She commands the screen.

Kathy Bates


Based on the novel by Stephen King. This film got Kathy Bates her Oscar for Best Actress, making her a part a very small pool of actress to ever win or garner a nomination from the Academy Awards in a Horror film.

Not your typical damsel in distress horror film. This movie gives light to a different kind of terror and for once, its the man who becomes the damsel in distress.

Kathy is so sweet, why would you ever double cross her?

Essie Davis
The Babadook

This film got a 97% on the Tomato-meter. As an Art house film this movie was a complete original. The entire time that I watched this film I didn't know if she was crazy or whether the monster actually existed. So without giving anymore potential spoilers. I do believe that this film was robbed of Oscar glory for the lead, Essie Davis. She played a single mother who reads a Children's story that her son perchance happens to find on the book shelf.

This story isn't your typical children's story. Instead its laced with the most terrifying things you will ever see in a Buzz Feed episode of "The most terrifying things children have ever said to their Parents" blog.

Stay away from my son!!!
Stay away from my son!!!

This movie got robbed of a Best Actress Nomination from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Davis delivered one of the best performances this past year.

Jane Levy

(Spoiler)make out session follows soon after this.
(Spoiler)make out session follows soon after this.

This film makes me cringe but I've probably watched it over 20 times.

The beauty of the direction, the cinematography and practical effects; in my book made this a worthy successor to the original film and paid respect to the cult classic, this film was a true fan boys film.

Jane Levy made this list because she created what could have potentially been a two dimensional character and made us care about Ash and she delivers a powerhouse performance from getting tongue cut in half(see above GIF).

The tables turned in this remake and the female became the lead. The blood bath of every horror fans dream. Jane Levy rocks this complete and beautifully filmed tribute to a very much loved film.

Sissy Spacek

There all going to Laugh at you.
There all going to Laugh at you.

Unfortunately remakes of this classic film never do it justice. With Brian DePalma's creation. This film can still make people jump. Sissy Spacek got an Academy Award Nomination for Best Actress and Piper Laurie got nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

This movie still holds true especially with the rise in Teen Suicide caused by bullying; or the rise in school shootings.

Let this be a reminder that Bullying is never funny and should never be tolerated.

Betty Davis
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

I'm writing a letter to daddy.
I'm writing a letter to daddy.

Betty Davis.

Often regarding as one of the best actresses to ever exist. She definitely took this role seriously.

She was nominated for 11 oscars total in her career and won 2. Unfortunately she didn't take home the Oscar that night for this film; my guess is probably because she was terrifying and people didn't know how to react to a horror film like this in those days.

Whatever happened to Baby Jane holds up still to this day and will always be one of my favorite movies of all time.

There is something beautiful and endearing about her character and the magic twist at the end is a heartbreaker.

Always diva and divine. She makes my Scream Queen list.


Jaime Lee Curtis

The Original Scream Queen
The Original Scream Queen

She created what it meant to be a scream Queen. In many horror fan lists she is often regarded as Number 1. In the 80's she appeared in cult hits like The Fog, Prom Night, and Terror Train. But it was her role as Laurie Strode in the film HALLOWEEN that catapulted her and made her a house hold name. This film grossed 47 million at the box office.

It was with this independent film that fans eventually coined the term Scream Queen.

Respectfully she will be starring in the new Ryan Murphy Produced Fox Television series called Scream Queens with Emma Roberts, Arianna Grande and Nick Jonas.

Slated to be a mix of Glee and American Horror Story, this will be both camp and gore.

Scream Queens
Coming to FOX FALL 2015

*I just pray they don't do any singing. Please Ryan Murphy, you made us suffer in the last American Horror Story: Freak-show with all those unnecessary singing numbers.

Give us the horror your audience craves!

There are more amazing actresses of course but my horror movie encyclopedia is running out of memory. So until next time!

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