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2004 was a crazy, crazy time. It was the height of buddy cop movies, G-Unit was running the rap game, George W. Bush was in office, and reality TV was probably at its peak in terms of popularity. One of those reality TV shows was, of course, Pimp My Ride.

If you didn't have the pleasure of being a young impressionable middle school kid when the show came out and/or you missed it somehow, it was basically rapper Xzibit pretending to be the coolest and nicest dude ever - spending a mere 3 to 4 days working on your crummy beat up car and revamping it, putting fish tanks, crazily impractical sound systems, and way too many TVs in it - thereby, "pimping" it.

There was also always some personal touch at the end. Something along the lines of "oh, you're a teacher? Cool, I'll put a chalkboard in the backseat." Or, "oh, you like music? Here's a piano in your backseat." Or, "you like Coca-Cola... here's a soda dispenser for your whip." Really just impracticality at a truly massive scale.

It turns out that almost everything that X to the Z A.K.A. Xzibit led us to believe to be true was a farce. I don't want to say childhood ruined here, but I can go ahead and at least say that it was affected. C'mon X, how could you do this to us?!

The Huffington Post spoke to three former contestants and they all blasted the MTV show with some pretty ridiculous allegations.

Sometimes it took 6-7 months for the cars to actually get fixed

So, that turnaround time was pretty impressive. Xzibit's boys over at West Coast Customs (you may remember the mechanical dudes he outsourced this work to) apparently didn't work as quickly as it seemed. The show made it seem like it took days... meanwhile, the rides wouldn't be properly pimped for months!

The additions didn't always work

The things they added to these cars weren't always even functional!

They often made up things about the backstories of the pimpees (those who's rides were pimped, if you will)

One of the worst examples is contestant Jake Glazier who said MTV encouraged him to dump his girlfriend in the name of giving him a better backstory: a single guy who needed his car pimped so he could meet women. Eek!

Some of the coolest features of the rides were taken off immediately after they stopped filming the reactions

This is kind of brutal... but not as brutal as this...

Some contestants were forced to pay fees on their own without guarantee of reimbursement

How? I feel like everything I believed was a lie. I thought that getting on this show meant you were going to ball out and live the dream. Apparently not...

Seth Martino didn't have a successful ride pimping

Season 6 contestant Seth Martino wrote in a 2013 Reddit AMA, “(My car) was basically a polished turd.”


This is crazy! What do you think? All I know is my mind is blown and I'm a little bit disappointed and confused. I think MTV has some 'splainin to do, for sure.

Via: Huffington Post, Buzzfeed


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