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This episode started out with a bang.

That was cheap. Sorry!

Jaha, Murphy and their merry little crew have dwindled down to six. One follower tries to inject some much needed humor into the trek and as a reward he gets blown up by a land mine. That's what you get for having terrible jokes, dude. Another follower falls victim to a land mine and Jaha's journey to the City of Lights continues to go really really well.

The Grounders are officially assembled and waiting for Bellamy to shut down the acid fog in Mount Weather. Clarke is concerned that he won't be successful and that she sent him into Mount Weather to die. Lexa notices that Clarke cares about Bellamy and points out that she worries about him more than she worries about their other friends. Lexa is a bit jealous. You should be, Lexa. Bellamy is awesome. I appreciate the little Bellarke nuggets that the writers give. Even if Clarke and Bellamy never get together romantically, I love their leadership dynamic. I'll take whatever I can get.

While Lexa makes heart eyes at Clarke, Octavia is probably holding herself back from punching Clarke in the face. She figures out that Clarke was out of TonDC when the missile hit and asks if that means Clarke knew about the attack. Clarke tries to reason with her and tell her that it was all to protect Bellamy and to win the war but Octavia won't listen. She says that Bellamy would never agree to what Clarke did. She goes even further and says that Clarke is now choosing who is disposable and that she is just as bad as the councilors were on the Ark. Ouch.

Lexa overhears Clarke and Octavia's confrontation and decides that Octavia is now a liability. She thinks that Octavia knows too much and if she talks, she will put the alliance and war at risk. She orders one of her guards to execute Octavia. Okay, Lexa. I REALLY liked you when you were introduced. I want to REALLY like you again, but you are spiraling down a hole that I do not want to follow.

Luckily, Clarke catches on and stops the execution. She confronts Lexa and tells her that she is wrong about love being a weakness. Clarke loves her friends. She trusts her friends. She trusts Octavia. She says that Lexa is only lying when she claims that love is weakness. She knows that Lexa cared when she killed Augustus. She knows that Lexa cared when she chose to sacrifice a village of people.

Lexa and Clarke's confrontations this episode leads to a kiss. Clarke tells Lexa that it is okay to feel and Lexa admits that she was willing to sacrifice a village of people but she wasn't willing to sacrifice Clarke. It's been a bit obvious that Lexa's feelings for Clarke have grown over the last few episodes. So, Lexa goes in for a kiss and Clarke responds. It's genuine. I have a lot of thoughts on this development.

Clarke is revealed to be a bisexual character. What's more important is that she is the LEAD character on the show and LGBT representation is important. It's as important as race and gender representation. Television show ensembles should reflect the society in which they portray. No, our world is not made up of only white men. It's diverse in many ways and it's important to show that. What's really great about the LGBT representation on "The 100" is how subtle the information is given to the audience. Clarke is a lead character on a network show and she likes men AND women. The show treats it as a non-issue because, honestly, in this society, surviving is way more important than fretting over who loves who. The show didn't make a big deal out of this piece of information. Lexa kisses Clarke and Clarke responds in a genuine way. She then tells Lexa that she isn't ready for a relationship of ANY kind and that is that. The audience is shown another layer of Clarke Griffin. Just like we know that she is strong and compassionate. Just like we know that she is vulnerable and fierce. The show never let the moment become a moment where Clarke is defined by her sexuality but, instead, showed her as empowered by it.

I really appreciate that "The 100" allows characters to be defined by their strengths and their weaknesses. Who they love is just a small part of who they are and of their larger story of surviving in this crazy world. This should be a reflection of our own reality, but sadly it is not. If I could have one thing from this show happen in real life, it would be that we treat people's sexuality like this show is treating sexuality. As just another part of life that matters to the individual and not to the whole, because really, why should you care who a person decides to love? Unless the person they love is a mass murderer. Please, alert your friend if you think they are dating a mass murderer.

All of that said, I am not really excited about a possible Clarke/Lexa relationship. At first I thought it was because I am firmly on the S.S. Bellarke and threats to my ship are not really something I want to see. When I really think about it, though, it is more than that. I really really liked Lexa when she was introduced. She has since been revealed to be a rather cold and calculating character. Her brand of leadership works for her people but it is encouraging Clarke down a path that is not the Clarke Griffin we were introduced to. Obviously, Clarke is growing and changing as she deals with the spoils of war. I personally believe that this growth has recently turned negative and a lot of that is from Lexa consistently forcing her own leadership philosophies onto Clarke. I'm glad that Clarke stood up to Lexa and told her that it is important to express emotions and feelings, though.

It was this that encourages Lexa to kiss Clarke. Lexa has shown feelings for Clarke in the last few episodes, but the development on Clarke's side is lacking. I can't help but feel like the moment was more to establish Clarke as a bisexual character. There is no build up on Clarke's part that makes me believe she is willing to pursue a relationship with Lexa. Lexa demanded Finn's death which led to Clarke killing a boy that she loved. This occurred like 1 or 2 weeks ago in their time. Just this episode, Lexa ordered for Octavia to be killed because she knew about the missile fiasco. How is Clarke not hella pissed at Lexa for this? I'm not sure I could get passed that. Ever. Obviously, I'm not Clarke but I personally don't want this for Clarke. Not at this point. I would like some more genuine moments that don't involve Lexa telling Clarke how to be. Moments that don't involve Clarke butting heads with Lexa because their personalities clash when trying to figure out how to lead. It's constant push and pull and it usually ends up hurting a lot of people. It was all just a bit too weak and maybe too soon for me. Maybe I would have appreciated it more if it happened later on in the show. But enough with this.

Over in Camp Jaha, Raven is trying to help Bellamy figure out how to shut down the acid fog in Mount Weather. She enlists the help of Wick (I've missed you, Wick) and the two start bickering about science. I don't understand any of what they are talking about but they are adorable. More of them please.

Cage finally figures out that Bellamy is wreaking havoc in Mount Weather. Took him long enough. The guard chases Bellamy through the compound but he is too perfect at everything and manages to escape for the time being.

Let's have a brief moment of silence for Bellamy's hat. HE LOST HIS HAT, Y'ALL. I am irrationally upset about this.

Anyway, he makes his way to where they keep the acid fog. Raven and Wick try to help him figure out the best method for dealing with it. There's something about neutralizing the acid with a base? Bellamy just wants to blow it up. Ha. They finally figure something out and it works! Yay!

Until it doesn't. Raven and Wick are off celebrating their small victory when Bellamy notices that the the acid was not neutralized. I don't know. Science. He tries to alert Raven and Wick, but they are clearly not available. Mount Weather has finally done something right by intercepting Bellamy's communication line. They send the guard after him. If I hadn't already read the episode description for the next episode, I would be SO worried for Bellamy's life right now.

Bellamy is a clever fellow and puts a torch cutter thing, given to him by Maya's father, against an oxygen tank. He skidaddles into a vent. There are a lot of bullets and even though I am certain of his survival, I am still way too nervous about all of this.

The oxygen tank blows up and takes out the acid fog. Yay! Bellamy rushed through the vent and is pushed out by the explosion. Really, he's engulfed in the flames but somehow makes it out unscathed. I will suspend my disbelief because it's Bellamy and my heart will probably burst into flames if he dies. I will never accept his death. Preparing myself now because this show likes to hurt my soul.

With the acid fog threat eliminated, the Grounders begin their final trek to Mount Weather. Cage better start thinking of a new plan because it's not looking good for them right now. War is coming. I am scared.

Back in the desert, Jaha and his followers successfully make it past the remaining land minds and make it over the hill to the City of Li…oh nope. It's nothing. Well, it's a bunch of solar panels. Jaha notices that the panels have been cared for and questions this. Murphy throws a rock at one of them which alerts a DRONE! A drone!

They decide to follow the drone and end up at a lake. Murphy points out Jaha's descent into crazy, but Jaha believes that the boat sitting on the edge of the lake is a sign. This is their destiny. He survived the sky. He survived the ground. He will survive the sea. Jaha may be crazy but he is also lucky. He is surviving and pursuing answers to whatever he is really searching for. Maybe it's the City of Lights. Maybe it's more. Whatever it is, I'm still on board with this storyline.

Until he tosses his staff aside like it means nothing to him! JAHA! WHY?! Ugh.

Instead of parting the sea, because that would have been super unbelievable but also SO amazing, Jaha and co. paddle away in the boat. I hope the City of Lights is cooler than that staff because right now I am upset about the staff. And Bellamy's hat. Stop sacrificing my favorite props!

The next two episodes are the last of Season 2. I have a lot of hopes but really no expectations. I mostly hope that Bellamy and Monty survive. The Monty concern happened after I had a dream last week where he died trying to save Jasper. I was grumpy for like half of the day after I woke up. Don't make me grumpy for forever, show!

Jaha, out.


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