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If this movie needed any more hype we now got word about where the movie falls tone wise. The movie is slated to come out in 2016 and the cast is pretty all star i mean you got Will Smith and Jared Leto. The surprise and happiness from the fans comes with the addition of Harley Quinn who will be played by Margot Robbie. This was the casting choice that pretty much everyone agreed with ever since [The Wolf of Wall Street](movie:16412). Margot Robbie has what it takes to bring the demented and twisted Quinn to the big screen. Our only real question now was how exactly would Suicide Squad fit into the larger universe and what tone would it bring. One of those questions might just have been answered today by Robbie.

In an interview with MTV Margot Robbie revealed exactly how her playing Harley Quinn came to be.

"I actually got offered this one, I didn't audition, which is a real step up as an actor when you can get offered things

Apparently Robbie's performance in the Wolf Of Wall Street made her the perfect candidate for Quinn. Its great to hear that the studios were actually looking for the best actress to portray such a complex character. It makes me believe they must have seen something from all the other actors before giving them the roles.

Then just before the interview ended she had this to say about the tone that David Ayer is bringing.

I think on a scale of like, ‘Dark Knight’ is here and ‘Avengers’ is here, I think it’s more on the ‘Dark Knight’ side of things

Its no surprise that DC is still sticking to the dark and gritty side countered to Marvels more comical yet sometimes dark take. I am pretty excited for this movie i'm sure the cast will do great and exceed expectations. Lets just hope we get to see a lot more pretty soon but probably will have to wait for SDCC!

Are You Okay With [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) Going Dark Knight?


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