ByAlyssa Maltez, writer at

Last night's shocking episode of Arrow left fans speechless. Oliver and Diggle traveled to Nanda Parbat, where they were soon captured. Everyone thought the the episode would have a thrilling and action packed escape but the writers shocked fans everywhere as Ra's Al Ghul asked Oliver to take his place as leader of the league of Assassins.

Picture from arrow fan page @arrowollie
Picture from arrow fan page @arrowollie

This leave us with one very important question.... will Oliver say Yes? A better question to Ask is that SHOULD Oliver say yes. sure, the league is everything Oliver stands against, but if he said yes... could't he turn the league into something better, something good... like a Justice crime fighting league of assassins... you have admit, that would be pretty awesome! unfortunately we have to wait till march 18 to find out Oliver's decision.


Should Oliver become the next Ra's Al Ghul?


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