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Grace Foulk

The movie had its moments like the fallout boys song "Immortals" set to the super suit making and funny Baymax moments that made it good, and I like the idea of San Fran Tokio. The movie was not entirely original but, nothing is though. There were some parts that seemed sped up. The ending for one. SPOILER ALERT! At the end it seems like baymax gave him his chip (which is impossible by the way) he magically had the stuff to make another baymax and then BAM! were superhero's. The end, roll credits. Also because they needed a bad guy that guy all of a sudden is evil because his daughter was sucked into a portal thing and it's all that guys fault but if your daughter had been smart she would not have volunteered to do it yet. It was appropriate for all kids though and you can't even say that about all kids movies or tv shows today. The animation was good but there was enough wrong with this movie for an honest trailer to be made about it so please, I hope they do. If you don't know what an honest trailer is then go on youtube and find out immediately.


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