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  • There are so many stories that are recommended for the teenage generation. From the four siblings n 'The Chronicles of Narnia', through to The Girl On Fire 'Katniss Everdeen'. However, even though all of these stories are highly praised and recognised, none of the main characters would have been able to have the influence they do without their friends and people who help them to make the right decisions. So here, I'm asking dear reader, out of the list of character I present to you, who do you believe deserves more of the spotlight on them? Who do you believe assisted their 'story hero' the most? Here are the candidates;


Who do you think deserves more credit?

Isaac; He is the side man to August Waters in the book 'The Fault In Our Stars'. He has a selectively aggressive form of cancer which leaves him fully blind. Once blind, he is left heart-broken by his 'girlfriend' and displays rage/ disappointment/ and becomes a sell of his former self from the beginning of the story.

Caleb Prior; He is the brother of Tris in the 'Divergent' trilogy, and moves to a different 'fraction' to both his sister and their parents. The fraction he moves to is the fraction of knowledge and information, where he gains information and realises the scale of the division between the fractions.

Ron Weasley; Harry Potter's best male friend and quite literally his 'left hand man'. Even though on occasion he does not have a filter between his thoughts and his mouth, he is a smart individual who helped Harry in an excessively long list of circumstances.

Gale Hawthorne; The best friend of Katniss Everdeen, he taught her how to trap food beyond the fence. He has had a crush on her since they met in the forest, and is unable to express this until after the 74th games.

So dear reader, who do you think should be give more credit for their friendship?


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