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bear with me through this this is my first time as a creator

  • so with age of ultron coming out in may what will it promise to the civil war? well not everything is only hinged on this idea.if sonny works out a deal with marvel then we could have a great spidy. anyway so what wold that do at that time give us a neutral party in the civil war or just give us another power hungry superhero like tony stark.

It’s the day that Marvel Comics fans have been waiting for. With the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe unclear after the impending arrival of Thanos the Mad Titan, it seems Captain America 3 will not only tell the next chapter in Steve Rogers’ life, but will be bringing in Tony Stark as well – to begin the universe-wide start of Civil War – an adaptation of the 2006-2007 comic book event.


what do you think?is the civil war going to start in the next captin america movie?


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