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Many of our first contact with the horror of a scary movie are the amazing masks of the murderer's in the film. They are the creators of our nightmares, the founders of these infernal visions where we put ourselves in the shoes of the victims. Asking us: What would we do in any of these films ourselves? Would we achieve an escape or are we slaughtered to pieces? And even more frightening... will that mask be the last thing we see before we die? Search your then your personal answer to that last question. Hold on well, here are the five masks horror films, most frightening of history.

No. 5: Frank The Bunny

Donnie Darko is more a psychological horror film, intrigue this halfway enter both genders. But every dark and tiny touch of this acclaimed cult film are legendary.

The highlight of this has the face of Frank The Rabbit, who plays an important role in history, beyond make us scream and always keep us on the edge of the seat with the expectation that at any time could get to do something sudden and bloody. This mask is quite grim, last thing we want to see the light of a candle in a dark room. why place is at number 5 of this top.

  • No. 4: Leatherface

Leatherface, only the name and causes us a sense of dread. Made with pieces of human skin, this character by far is the most bloodthirsty of all The Texas Chainsaw Massacre saga. Before movies like SAW or Hostal, this film already had, along with other classics, introduced to the cinematic audience into the world of the jets of blood and gore, I mean, violence graph.

This mascara is the perfect complement to accompany this kind of movies. And so, it is an icon of this genre, so the number 4 spot wins.

  • No. 3: Second Honeymoon clip killer (V/H/S)

The cinematic mockumentary genre has become very popular in recent years, films like The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity were box office successes. If anything was clear, was that a swarm of films of this type would flood the world of horror. One of the most popular was V / H / S, which has several horror stories in one film. One of these stories, perhaps the best, was a segment called '' Second Honeymoon '', in which 50% of horror depended not really history, but from the dark and creepy mask of the murderer, which evokes feelings fleshless . Its strongest point is that we can imagine it like a true psychopath in real life.

Without doubt, the worst might look like an intruder in our home.

  • No. 2: Decker (Nightbreed)

The film Nightbreed, is a classic of the great horror writer Clive Barker, not only for its maddening and macabre history, but by their very interesting characters. Among them, some would perhaps be one of the most evil villains and macabre any movie.

Meet Dr. Decker, you should have a picture of this man aside from the worst dictionary words. This man has an alter ego, the character has a mask that, far and by unanimous decision, one of the most horrible in the world of horror. Reminds the mask of Trick 'r Treat movie, but much worse, and what is most the man who wears it, but its appearance, which is saying something. Imagine opening your eyes and see this guy on the side of your bed, watching you intently, and with a scalpel in his hand.

  • No. 1: Baby Face

After everything we've seen, what kind of monstrosity could be in the first place?

The film The Hills Run Red, 2009, no feature too, but became a legendary place in the world of horror, only by the force of the mask from his main antagonist. A deformed degenerate known as Baby Face. This corrupted soul, this morbid vision has meant a turning point in the history of the genre, as one of the most shocking and unhealthy images. Along the top, we saw rare masks, and others, in short, nasty. The Baby Face has the property of being both in equal measure colossal definitely on this list, the most grotesque mask. So the number one wins.


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