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There have been three characters in comic books to go by this name. Here, we are going to talk about the character of Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash. Barry, much like Superman, is a big boy scout. He is a policeman (a forensic scientist to be exact) and he is a good soldier. He follows orders, he doesn’t question authority, he drinks milk, he is a conservative through and through. And he has on many occasions butted heads with Green Arrow politically, and has even called Green Arrow a communist, to which Green Arrow usually responds by calling Barry a fascist. Like Superman, there can be no doubt which side of the political spectrum Barry sides with.

Final analysis: The Flash (Barry Allen) is a Republican.

I hope I have adequately shown that superheroes are a diverse lot. They have many different political leanings and opinions, and truly have evolved into having lives of their own, outside of the personalities bestowed upon them by their creators. As a conservative myself, I like the diversity in comics. I like that the characters aren’t all being used to ram liberal propaganda down our throats, but I also enjoy that there are differing points of view that allow for subjects and opinions to be debated and not just told one-sidedly. The politics of superheroes, like the politics of men, is varying from hero to hero, from person to person, and for me that brings them just a bit closer to humanity.


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