ByCourtney Abigail Bowman, writer at

I am late to the whole Viking show. But thank the gods at Hulu for having the complete first two seasons so now I know what I have been missing out on and I no longer have to miss out. I finished the first two seasons in about three days. Would have been sooner if it were not for forcing myself to have some sort of life.

The cast is perfection, the story line is great and never bores you, their is a lot of action (duh its Vikings we are talking about) and it is historical correct. If it is a 100% right I am not for certain, but it's on the History Channel so it has to be accurate, right?

The characters are likeable and they grow quite a bit in just the couple seasons I have watched. Now I am just scrambling to catch up with everyone in season 3 so I know what is going to happen.

But if you like action, a good story line, something entertaining; then check out Vikings. And if you live in a state like I do, you are most likely going to be snowed in this weekend so binge watch it while you try not to go insane from being trapped in your house.


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