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BIG NEWS. BIG BIG NEWS. BIG NEWS. I'm so excited! (also, major spoilers for the latest episode of Arrow, and the past season)

Here we go.

There's another DC series coming!

After speculating about Diggle being Green Lantern, either FIRESTORM or ATOM getting it's own series, and SPOILERS


We finally have something concrete. Deadline just reported that the CW network is teaming up (you'll get the pun in a bit, hehe) with Arrow creators to shape and mold another show. This time it's a team up (I told you you'd get it, didn't take that long right?) between Arrow and The Flash guests ATOM, Captain Cold, one half of FIRESTORM, and WAIT WHAT?!?! CANARY??? Yes. Brandon Routh, Wentworth Miller, Victor Garber, and the one and only Caity Lotz, respectively, are going to head up the, as of now, untitled series.

I hope by now you're extremely pumped up like me, but let's take this step by step. There are a few things left: how the series will start, how the series will work, and who will be in it.

How the series will start!

The series will not be part of the upcoming pilot season, which means.... What? Well, during the speculations about ATOM and FIRESTORM spin-offs the theory was that their appearances in Arrow and The Flash would serve as 'pilots', just like the warm welcome Grant Gustin got as Flash on Arrow served as his pilot in a way, showing the creators and the network that a series would work. With Captain Cold being Flash's nemesis, ATOM and FIRESTORM being up-and-coming superheroes on the shows, and Canary being a well-established character on Arrow by now, this should be enough to convince all parties involved it could work.

So don't be surprised if we suddenly hear rumours of the show starting full-on production in no-time!

Will we only see Garber (L), or the whole package?
Will we only see Garber (L), or the whole package?

How the series will work!

This is a tough one. Previously having established that Canary has died on Arrow, and also taking into consideration that (as of now) only the older half of FIRESTORM is attached to the project, how would that work? Well, the easiest solution: a big part of the story takes place in the past. Flashbacks, just being set in the past, or whatever other way could have this work. Now, since the show is being called a 'superhero team-up show', this immediatly predicts problems. Although using the past could work as a combined origin story of sorts, seeing all four of these superheroes team up would required one being ressurected from the dead (Lazarus?), and another finding his other half and convincing the network to have them both in this show, preferably with fire.... We'll have to see.

Who will be in it!

Four major players are already gearing up, but apparently three more undisclosed superheroes will join the party! Nothing is known about who they might be, and what roles they will play, but it sure sound awesome!

What do you think? Are you pumped up about a Justice League or Society on TV? Which 3 heroes do you want to see? Let me know!


Are you excited for this new series?


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