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In the recent Marvel movie, Avengers:Age of Ultron, it is more than clear who the villain is. But the origins in the original storyline may vary and might be a little bit disappointing as the writers have altered the original way of how it unfolds. But this may be a let down for comic fans and followers of the franchise, as people will look for the original start. How it all began, how everything began.

Ant-man made Ultron, a cyber being. Ant-man was trying to make his own version of J. A. R. V. I. S. and with his excessive knowledge, he did. He made his own Ultron. But Ultron turned against his own creator as he got his own consciousness. Without an Ant-Man movie, all this is lost to people who are not clear to the concept and it would rather be confusing to people who are first timers and just fans of the MCU. We have seen glimpses of Vision in posters revealed by Marvel but there is no actual proof of this being right now.

Right below "Mark Ruffalo".
Right below "Mark Ruffalo".

These posters, as revealed by Marvel, have officially stated the presence of Vision. But without a prequel to the main build. Without a storyline of how Ultron came into being, they would just be skipping a step and leaving the viewers confused. Ultron was infact made by Ant-man and he was defeated by him as well. Ultron build himself back into perfection with andamantium and created Vision so that he could destroy his creator. Yes, Vision is a robot, made by Ultron himself. But without a movie unveiling how everything happened. This would just be a simple action movie. We as fans, want the original storyline. We want to see how we was built. We want to know how he made himself. We want to know how he rose to power.

As the story goes, Vision was sent to kill Ant-Man and he turned against his maker as well. He saw the evil in his master and took a stand. With Age of Ultron around the corner it is hard to say that the movie will rotate around the original storyline and this is what the fans want.

We just hope that they somehow give the fans what they want. Originality. How it all began and how it all ended.


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