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When we think of fan art, we often image wacky or wonderful drawings of a favorite fictional character, whether it be from a specific movie, video game or TV series.

Yet, it's often forgotten that fan creations can also be vivid representations of a real person. All over the world, adoring fans are dedicating their time to creating exceptional artwork of celebrities. From intricate sketches, watercolor paintings to detailed digital art, the internet is awash with prime examples that really allows the artist's talent to shine through.

And naturally, as one of the most beloved film stars on the planet, fan art of Emma Watson stems from every corner of the globe. Below, I have selected 9 artists that are really garnering attention by re-imagining Hermione's striking features.

Take a look!

1. A beautiful B&W sketch

krissmas3 from the Philippines is no stranger to putting her shading pencils to work. On her Deviant art profile, the talent artist sketches famous celebrities and her favorite movie characters. This one bears an uncanny resemblance to the British actress.

2. Emma as the Joker's girlfriend, Harley Quinn

Last year, many fueled speculation that Emma Watson was in the running to be cast as Harley Quinn in the future Batman movie. As inspiration, this super creepy image was created by MikeXVIII.

If you guys remember correctly, the character was formerly a Arkham Asylum psychiatrist and the Joker was her patient. They fell in love and she went over to the dark side, becoming his partner in crime.

Would you have liked to see Emma in this dark role?

3. Pretty in paint

Receiving an assignment to paint a human face, chanlien from Singapore chose Emma as his subject. It's very realistic and is so good that it looks just like a digital image!

She also has quite a vampire look to her, don't you think? It's just something unsettling in those eyes...

4. Phenomenal resemblance

Isabella Morawtz specializes in digital art, taking a blank page on Photoshop and painting on it with the brush tool. Speaking about her technique, the talented artist says:

"Digital painting is wonderful in the lack of restraint it provides to that of the virtual canvas: texture, stroke, brush type and flow, tone, composition, structure, artistic style... So much freedom can spawn from that single click of a button and without disruption to workflow or destructive mistakes."

Click on over to Isabella's website for outstanding images of celebrities and ordinary people. Her work is truly incredible!

5. Hermione guards the Horcrux

This drawing of Emma is totally spot-on. Deviant artist rosene547 envisioned Hermione Granger in the Deathly Hallows, when the trio take turns wearing the cursed Horcrux necklace. To achieve the beautiful sketch, she used HB, B, 3B and 6B shading pencils, tissue and a cotton bad for blending and a kneaded eraser.

For more examples of Crystal Rosene's fantastic work, check out her profile here.

6. An Emma mosaic

Artist Cornejo-Sanchez from Chile creates mosaics of existing images and this one of Emma is quite interesting. I wonder how long it takes him to perfect each mosaic piece?

Either way, seeing Emma so distorted makes me feel slightly uneasy.

7. Belle from Beauty & The Beast

Mr. Gabriel Marquez was so incredibly excited to find out that Emma would be Belle in the classic Disney movie that he re-imagined the beautiful actress in her future costume. Check out his final version below:

For more celebrities and pop stars, check out his tumblr page here.

8. Emma zombified on The Walking Dead

Irish Mick81 was bored and was on a The Walking Dead binge when he decided he would try his hand at turning a few people into zombies. Undoubtedly, the Harry Potter movies would have had even more interesting sub plots if there was a zombie twist...

9. It's all in the eyes

This portrait of Emma is absolutely sensational and is achieved with the skilled use of watercolor pencils. Every detail on this is perfect and the light reflection on the eyes just gives so much depth to them.

Take a look at Ksenianovember's profile and check out her other portrait work.

And then there was this creation:

Found on, an artist called "Erin" uploaded this piece of artwork. Somehow I think it needs some more work...

Most of these creations are fantastic, but wouldn't you agree that a couple are just plain creepy?


What did you think of these examples of Emma fan art?


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