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Joe Virgili

First a lot of people are talking about this short film most people actually loved it some ehh not so much here is a video of Jason David Franks (Original Green/White Ranger Tommy Oliver) reaction.

So as I stated in my last post I have a daughter but she will sit down and watch the power rangers with her daddy. I could not keep a movie from her as she knows the power rangers by name, I can not help but to agree with JDF. Saban has recently had the film banned I think its for the best had it not had the name power rangers I honestly believe it would have been an amazing R rated action film. While most fans probably disagree I am on JDF and Saban's side on this one, a lot of people bring up dark gritty comic book movies but the best ones have been dark gritty and PG-13. If they were to make a PG-13 MMPR reboot I could see it still being dark gritty and successful there is just a line that power rangers should not cross. If drugs simply must be in the film have the rangers take down some folks who are dealing to kids or something. If curse words are a must for you there can be some in PG-13 not a lot and a limit of one F word. I for one can't wait for lionsgate to release the reboot and I hope it is as successful as the short film but I want it to stay true to the power rangers make it as family friendly as marvel does with all their movies.

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