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The fact that mama Salvatore is still alive and kicking has been making waves in the Vampire Diaries community, but the question on everybody's lips is 'is she good or evil?'

Knowing Mystic Falls like we do, it's pretty difficult to imagine that Lily Salvatore was bought back to simply be a loving mother, or to prove how evil Giuseppe Salvatore was, seeing as we kind of know that already.

In the words of Julie Plec, who both wrote and directed the episode when Lily made her first appearance:

Here's a woman they thought was long dead, having died a totally natural, human death. And there she is, what, 65 years later than they thought she died in prison world. Which means she's either wrongly victimized, or entirely deserving of her incarceration.

Plec also delivers another few telling teasers that seem to suggest that a reunion with their mother Lily will not be rosy for Damon and Stefan. She explained to The Hollywood Reporter that:

I think it will not necessarily be what it expected from a long-lost mother they loved dearly.

Everything is all very smoke and mirrors at the moment, but my vote is that Lily Salvatore will not be the most balanced person after all that time alone is a prison world. Even if she was incarcerated wrongly, she will be a bitter and changed woman and relating to people is going to be hard for her.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)


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