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Any long time watcher of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) will know how amazing this weeks episode, "Let Her Go" was. The episode, directed by show producer Julie Plec, tied together multiple storylines and only served to improve upon an already stellar sixth season. However, despite all of this, "Let Her Go" received the all-time lowest ratings for the show.

With just 1.41 million viewers tuning in to bid farewell to Sheriff Forbes, episode 15 edged out the previous week's efforts of 1.52 million to become the lowest rating Vampire Diaries episode of all time. With episodes receiving lower and lower ratings, could this spell bad news for Elena, Damon and the gang?

Well, thankfully at least in the near future it appears that our beloved vampires are safe. The show was renewed for a seventh season earlier in the year, so in theory we should have at least a whole other season of supernatural beings to look forward to, however it's always worth bearing in mind that it's not unusual for low-rating shows to be cancelled with little-to-no notice.

Despite these low numbers, thankfully within the channel that screens The Vampire Diaries, The CW, the show appears to be rating well alongside other shows, such as [Reign](series:986509). Despite Reign screening on the same evening as Vampire Diaries, it only managed to get 1.03 million viewers tuning in, 400,000 less than the vamps.

All I can say is that hopefully Season 6 will continue its upwards climb out of the darkness that was Season 5, which, I think we can all agree was the weakest season so far. Unfortunately, we have to wait until March 12th to see any new episodes, but at least when it returns it will be to an episode directed by our very own Ian Somerhalder! I cannot wait!

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